Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Avoid Wanting To Curse Out Your Family When PCSing

Moving--or PCSing, as it's called in the military world--is never fun. Well, some people like it. And really, it can be exciting because it's a new beginning. But. You have to go through packing all your stuff. And hoping all your stuff survives the move. So it can get stressful. Tempers might flare. Here are ways to make moving easier:

--Move all your important papers to one area BEFORE the movers come. I made sure we had our passports, our social security cards, important documents, and other various things in the folder a week before.

--Pack the items you want and set them aside. We had two large suitcases, plus various bags. My son HAD to bring his PS4 with us because he didn't want it stolen.

--Make sure you check ALL the cupboards before the movers leave. Also check the doors. We had several hanging things that I didn't even think to check. We found the movers forgot all the stuff in the drawer under the oven. Luckily they were still there and could pack them.

--Get new stuff for the kids to play with. For instance, I got new Nintendo DS games for my sanity.

--Start setting money aside for the move months before. This way you aren't panicking on the amount you are spending.

--If you have pets, consider getting them new toys as well. Make sure their kennel is comfortable. We add towels to make it softer for our cats.

--Bring your crockpot if you have room. We did not. Our vehicles were CRAMMED with stuff. But if we had our crock pot, we could have saved more money on meals. There are so many recipes that you can make in your crockpot. I know some people that stayed in the hotel with us brought theirs, and I could smell the delicious food cooking from their room, and it took all my might not to ask if I could have some.

Moving can be a frustrating time, but remember that it'll all be over at some point.

And in between, get ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup.


  1. When I was a teenager we moved around a lot because of my parents' job and I hated it every time. I've only moved twice as an adult and don't have plans to move anytime soon.

  2. You seem to be an old hand at packing and moving. Since I live in the same town I was born in, I can't even imagine. Just wanted to comment that that darn sweet picture of your husband hugging your daughter (when he is leaving on deployment) that's at the end of today's post makes me tear all up, every time I see it!

  3. Crockpot - brilliant.
    Ice cream - even more brilliant.
    Ruby looks like she's taking it in stride!

  4. That's a good call to bring your crockpot...! HAHA I would have totally become besties with them and asked for some food!

  5. I never thought to take my crockpot with me. That would have saved so much money during moves.

  6. Moving- - or PCSing, as it's brought in the tactical world- - is in no way enjoyable. All things considered, a few group like it. What's more, truly, it tends to be energizing since it's a fresh start. Be that as it may. You need to go through pressing all your stuff.

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