Friday, July 1, 2016

What Are Your Fourth Of July Plans?

Fourth of July is coming!

I've told my kids the history. I think it's important.

"We could be British right now," Tommy once said solemnly.

"And why did Benedict Arnold betray us?"

Natalie reminded us that this year we'd be in Texas. "And that means we can see my Nonna and Papa! Holidays are about family!"

She's right. With my husband in the military, it means we spent a lot of holidays away from extended family. It was tough.

But now the military is being kind, and they allowed us to be in Texas, near my family.

So our plans are going to my parents' house.

There will be meats and the usual sides.

But no one is going to make anything. No one really cares to cook now in my family. We're going to order out.

And even better? It seems my Nana Jo is going to join us. She's 95 so sometimes she's too tired for outings. But it seems she'll be there. And I love listening to my Nana Jo. She's a fellow military spouse, you see, and has lots of wisdom. And stories. Oh how I love the stories.

I bought sparklers. I forgot that I could have bought fireworks. Since we live off base now, we can set them off legally. I guess our neighborhood shoots fireworks off well into the night.

Tom has the 4th of July off. Since he's training to be a MTI, I wasn't sure if he'd still have to work. But nope, he'll be with us. Hooray!

So what are your plans? 


  1. Whoo hoo sounds fun! 4th of July is my moms bday!

  2. Frances will be with my parents, so I"ll just have the boys. My husband has to work, so we'll probably play it low key. He'll be off in time for the parade downtown and fireworks though. We look forward to those things.

  3. Looks like Natalie lost a tooth! We are planning to do the regular kids' parade, bbq, and fireworks!

  4. Love both of their shirts!

    We're having a bunch of friends over on Sunday. But I'm just in charge of desserts, which is my favorite thing to make. And I guess cleaning a little around here, too.

  5. Yay for Nana Jo! You know.. embarrassingly.. we have no plans yet. I hope whatever happens will contain meat.

  6. Those are cute shirts. We love cats. Our town had their fireworks last night & we went to watch them. So I'm not sure if we will actually watch any fireworks on the 4th.

  7. We are having a cook out! We got our fireworks (legal in SC but not in NC or GA) and sparklers today!

  8. Enjoy your celebrations. I'll be resting on Monday - we have a busy week at work coming up.

  9. Hope you're having a great 4th of July weekend with your family!! <3

  10. Sounds like a great 4th and it's great that Tom was able to be with you guys!


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