Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Keep Cats Happy After A Move

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We recently moved from Oklahoma to Texas. My husband is in the Air Force and is going to be a military training instructor. We had to take our two cats with us.

Moving with two cats isn't easy. They meowed nearly the entire 8 hour trip. We'd re-assure them that everything was okay, but unfortunately they did not care.

When we got to the hotel room, we had to share a tiny space with Max:

And Ruby:

We tried our best to make sure they were comfortable in the hotel because they didn't know what was going on. They didn't understand where all their things went.

We made sure they were fed on time and we gave them new toys. If a cat was in need of attention, they'd let us know:

We cuddled, brushed, and played with them several times a day while in the hotel. We were worried if they ever were unhappy, that they'd tear up the carpet, and we certainly didn't want to have to deal with that bill.

In between all the playing, the cuddling, and the brushing, the smell from the litter box was horrendous at times.

I wish we had the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System then:

But we were smart and bought a Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System at Target soon after we moved in.

I found the Litter Genie® Pail in the Cat Supplies aisle where the cat toys and other litter boxes are located:

It was light and easy to carry out of the store:

Since it's not huge, it fits perfectly in our laundry room where the litter box is.

It's also incredibly simple to use. All you do is scoop, open the lid, and pull the handle. That's it!

The refills contain 7 bags, with each one holding about 14 days worth of litter and are easy to put into the Litter Genie® Pail. The refill will last up to 2 months with one cat.

We're grateful the house doesn't stink because it helps eliminate odors for up to 2 weeks at at a time.

Since it's the summer, people might be moving with their cats, and here are ways to keep them happy:

1. Set up their litter box right away so there aren't any accidents. With the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System, this task will be simple! 

2. Get their toys out. We have cat structures that we immediately found and unpacked them. The cats were thrilled:

3. Talk to them if they appear uneasy. Our cats spent a few days roaming and meowing. Sometimes it helps to hear your voice. My daughter would say, "It's okay, Max and Ruby. This is our new house. We love you."

4. Show them where their food and water bowls are. Normally they'll have no issues finding this on their own, but some cats might still be baffled on their new surroundings.

5. Give them plenty of love and they'll eventually settle into their new home:

Do you have pets? Did you move into a new home with them?

To learn more about the Litter Genie® you can check out the following: FacebookPinterest, YouTube, and Google +.


  1. Moving with animals in general is so hard. Poor things have no idea what is going on. We have done 4 moves with Emma and Fishy and they are such troopers. I hope the kitties are enjoying their new home.

  2. Yes, our pugs are so good with moves though! As long as they have us, they don't care! Lol

  3. Those are adorable pictures. I didn't know you had two! I've only seen pics of Ruby. This device sounds handy. Our box is in the basement and I have to walk up a flight of stairs (yes, I'm lazy) and put the scooped stuff in the garage...where it then stinks until trash day. I'll definitely look into this.

  4. I haven't moved with cats before but I have driven almost across country with a cat when I couldn't leave mine home for a week unattended. It definitely was a challenge! #client

    1. Yes! The constant meowing wasn't the best sound to hear. Then we felt horrible for them because after 5+ hours we were like, "Doesn't their throats hurt?"

  5. Yes, I have pets and moved into a new home! It's not easy to keep it clean :/

  6. I fret for George when and if I move back to the States. Not sure how he will survive the long ass plane journey... I'm sure he will stupid scared cos he's a scaredy cat...! Love him :)

  7. Some of those photos are gold! Like the one of Ruby interrupting some good reading.
    I've never moved with cats, just dogs.
    We do use the Litter Genie, though, and I can't imagine not having it! We ran out of refills once, even though they last for two months for one cat (pathetic on our part), and nothing else did the trick.

  8. I am glad that your cats were able to cope with the move due to your actions and tips to keep them happy! They are truly adorable and look well cared for :)

  9. Now this is some contraption. I like the concept.If I can keep it in the house close to the litter box and it contains the odor it's a keeper! I have traveled across the country with cats and it's amazing how much they can meow during the whole trip.

  10. We don't have cats anymore, but that litter genie would have definitely come in handy. I miss having a cuddly cat around, but I don't miss scooping out the litter box. If only the litter genie could do the scooping too, that would be perfect!

  11. Moving is tough. It s even worse on pets. Litter genie looks like it can help keep everybody happy.

  12. Max and Ruby, cute! Moving can be rough. Especially with pets (or in my case, kids).

  13. Well, I don't have any pets but my friends do, so I would recommend this to them.

  14. Great tips to make the cats happy after a move.Very useful tips. I have never thought of the problem persists may have with shifting

  15. I don't have cats myself but will need to do similar for my pups when I move out soon. Great tips!

  16. I had no idea you were in Oklahoma last year. This system is so cool. I need to look into it. Our cats stink.

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