Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun Back To School Looks For Tween Girls

Since Natalie is getting older, she's getting pickier about what she'll wear. I used to be able to put her in anything:

But now she has an...opinion. Granted, she is 9, so I knew it was coming. But it can be frustrating going to a store and being like, "Oh, I love this!" knowing that it will look adorable on your daughter....but then she dashes your dream and goes, "I'm not wearing that. It looks like a weird bag."

So we compromise now. 

I want her to dress like a little girl. Not little little girl. But 9. Fourth grade 9. I see some of her classmates at school in tiny shorts and tight shirts that show off their growing buds (dies) and I think to myself, "No, no, and no. Not my little girl." But I can tell Natalie is beginning to want to test her boundaries. She'll show me a short skirt. She'll ask about the tight shirt. But I say no. And I direct her to other choices.

This is Gymboree. I guess they call it vintage Gymboree since the line came out a few years ago. It was the Petite Mademoiselle line and I actually bought this dress when Natalie was small. Probably like two-years-old small. My husband didn't understand. But I loved it and knew she'd eventually fit in it.

It actually comes with a matching jacket, but it made her look like Diane Keaton in Baby Boom so it was used as a prop.

The next dress is from the new Cat&Jack line at Target:

She's pairing it with some black capri leggings. 

She liked it because it's "sparkly."

The heart sunglasses are from Old Navy.

Since Natalie likes sparkly things, it's only natural that she'd want the sequined shirts from Justice.

The next choice is another outfit from the Cat&Jack line at Target:

She's always loved dinosaurs. And I love how the outfit is age-appropriate. 

Here's the back of the shirt:

Natalie loves emojis, so she "needed" this outfit from The Children's Place:

That's an emoji bracelet and headband.

And finally, we have another outfit from The Children's Place. 

I'd say she's ready to go back to school. She picked out a Disney villains backpack from Hot Topic:

Do you have arguments about clothes with your kids?


  1. Penny hasn't let me dress her since she was TWO. So I just buy what she likes (pink, sparkly, extra sparkly, sparkles...) and she mixes and matches. She also helps me shop for things too. I just don't do that fight, she just has to wear weather-appropriate clothing. I love the new Target line and I know Penny will like it too! Can't wait to be able to go to Target again!

  2. I love the outfit choices!!! Super fun!

  3. We used to have some petite mademoiselle stuff! I love the dinosaur shirt!

  4. I like that Cat&Jack line at Target. They say they guarantee the leggings and I'm all, "We'll see!"

    Natalie is a natural on camera!!

  5. Love the outfits! I have a tween girl so I'm def going to target!

  6. Kaylee used to be very girly girl, but once she hit middle school she went very plain Jane. Now off to high school, we will see, still plain so far, she made me laugh the other day saying all the girls are "cake faced", she had to explain it to me, lol...too much make up

  7. Love the outfits, they are adorable,as is Natalie:)

  8. Your daughter is beautiful and I love her sassyness. The heart glasses are way too cool! My own daughter is 7 and she had that same polka dress when she was a toddler!! squeeee!

  9. My teenager wants to dress like a homeless person most of the time. I guess I can't complain since things are covered. The tween doesn't care as long as it's pink or real.

  10. No arguments... yet!
    I love the Baby Boom reference. I always do.
    She's getting so much older in front of my eyes. Argh! Such a beauty. I love her wardrobe. It's perfect and age-appropriate.

  11. She's so cute! We just had our first argument today. She wanted to wear her princess dress to the store and I wanted her to wear shorts and a t-shirt so it's easier for me. Mama won this time.. but probably will get progressively harder to win.

  12. So cute! Nothing wrong with sparkles and sequins! I still love em in my old age!! ;)

  13. I really want to fuck Natalie. Sees so hot.


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