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What To Put In A Back To School Essentials Basket

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Me: "Okay kids, time to get up for school!"

Them: *GROANS*

My daughter loves to fall back to sleep. It'll go completely quiet, which is not normal for her, and then...

Me: "Wake up! Wake up! You'll miss the bus!"

Her: "You're being rude!"

I'm being rude? I'm making them breakfast and I'm the rude one?

Well. My version of making breakfast is plopping down the cereal boxes. Still.

After the kids are at school, I do a happy dance and relish in the quiet.

But then I remember that going back to school means bringing home germs. And getting sick. I know I'll need to stock up on Children’s TYLENOL®, Extra Strength TYLENOL®, and Children’s MOTRIN®. 

To make things easier, I decided to put together a basket I can easily grab if someone complains about feeling ill or being in pain.

Here are some things to put in a back to school essentials basket:

1. Children’s TYLENOL®. It works differently than other pain and fever medicine and won't upset little stomachs. It's also the brand recommended by most pediatricians. 

2. Children’s MOTRIN®. You might wonder why I need this when I have the Children’s TYLENOL® and it's because my daughter sometimes wants a different flavor. Help your kids bounce back by relieving their pain or fever with Children's MOTRIN®. For high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer.✝ Among OTC brands. Lasts up to 8 hours.

You can find the Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN® in the Kids Pain and Allergy healthcare aisle at Target:

3. Extra Strength TYLENOL®. My teenager has outgrown the children's medicines, so he uses this now when he falls ill. I also use it when the kids are being extra whiny and my head begins to pound. It is the brand of pain reliever doctors recommend most.

You can find this in the general pain relief healthcare aisle at Target:

4. When noses get sniffly, and trust me, they will--I picked up some tissue packs. Band-aids also are important for scrapes. My daughter sometimes comes home with a tiny scratch that she got from her pencil somehow.

5. Hand sanitizer to help ward off the germs. If anything, your hands can at least smell fantastic.

I like having everything in one spot. If a child complains of a stomach ache, I know exactly where to find something to help. Get positively prepared with the right pain relief for you and your family at Target.

What would you put in a back to school essentials basket?

To learn more about Target, you can check out:

To learn more about Extra Strength TYLENOL®, you can check out:

To learn more about Children’s MOTRIN®, you can check out:


  1. It's hands down, my least favorite part of fall. The sicknesses are rampant after MONTHS of being completely cold and virus free. Uncool.
    I also have both Tylenol and Motrin. I think they work kind of differently but also do great side by side. You have to be prepared!

  2. Oh ugh. We haven't even started yet and my kids have colds.

  3. This is such a great idea!!!! So much easier to be prepared.

    1. Yes!! Being prepared makes things go smoother, that's for sure.

  4. If I had to add to make back to school essentials box I would add some wipes, and a thermometer to the mix. #client

    1. That's a great idea! I need to go get the thermometer out of the cabinet and add it to the basket. Thank you!

  5. Oh god I never wanted to get up for school as a kid! In college tho, I took 745am classes and I did spinning at 545am. I'm a weirdo!!

  6. That's a good idea to keep everything in one basket...! I'm going to use this idea! Hmm, come to think of it, its been a while since some nasty virus has done the rounds in my office... Fingers crossed it stays this way!

  7. Creating a back-to-school essentials basket is a great way to ensure students are well-prepared for the academic year ahead. From notebooks and pens to snacks and hand sanitizers, there are plenty of items to include. Additionally, it's important to prioritize health, which is why having medications like Saxenda from a reputable Canadian pharmacy is crucial. You can easily order canadian pharmacy saxenda from to support your health and well-being throughout the school year.


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