Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why I'm Ready For My Kids To Go Back To School

My kids go back to school on Monday.

And I'm ready.

Don't get me wrong: I'll miss them. I'll miss sleeping in. I'll miss hanging out with them. When they're sane.

But I won't miss the noise. I won't miss Natalie and her friends coming in and out of the house. If her friends weren't available, Natalie would sigh and say she was bored. I won't miss that either.

So yes. I'm ready.

1. Natalie sits like this in the shopping cart. She claims her feet hurt.

I'm weak, so it makes the cart tougher to push. I have to find creative ways to balance groceries in the cart so she won't smash them. I could make her walk, but then I'd hear her dramatically sigh every few seconds, and it would only irk me.

2. I don't want to make lunches, which is silly because I make lunches when they're in school. But I don't have to hear them sigh or complain about it then, because they'll be in a cafeteria and I'll be at home blissfully unaware if they're whining about their sandwich to a friend.

3. My kid is loud.

She startles the crap out of me, at least three times per day. She finds it hilarious.

4. I like my alone time. It's blissful, I won't lie. Some people hate the quiet. I love it. I can get so much done.

5. Running errands is so much easier. And faster. Go figure.

6. I won't have to hear my teenager sigh at me when I tell him he needs to stop playing video games and get some Vitamin D.

7. The quiet. Oh man, do I miss the quiet. I already mentioned the quiet, but I love it, so I had to mention it again. The quiet.

There will be times when my heart will ache and I'll wish my kids were around when they're at school. It always happens. But it's also a good thing: I get to MISS them. When I miss them, I find I'm a more relaxed parent.

So I might have a giant smile on my face come Monday.

But I'll also have a giant smile on my face when they come home. (Even if my teenager is still scowling.)

Are you ready for your kids to back to school?


  1. Lol! I know you'll enjoy your "you" time again!

  2. Haha yay for you time again!!! :)

  3. I like your t shirt and like the way you write I enjoy reading your blog

  4. YES! Grace is only two.. but I feel like I am going to be the same way. Ready for some quiet time when my kids are in school. I think maybe that's normal for a lot more moms than you realize.

  5. Ooh, I love your t-shirt!! And hurrah to having some more time to yourself...!!

  6. YES we are all READY.... I get the shopping cart, my 11 year old like to squeeze in, but thankfully big sis will push! THE QUITE--it needs to be mentioned twice because it's so GREAT! =)

  7. I keep saying I'm not ready. But I know that when the house is quiet, I'll really enjoy it.

  8. I work shifts so don't always notice the difference except I sometimes get an hour to myself on a late shift when my daughter is at school.

  9. I'm sooooo ready. But I got another 2 weeks to go. It's been a long summer of wonderful weather and creating memories... but not ONE SINGLE moment of actually alone time. The entire time has been about taking them somewhere or doing some activity for them: not any mom "me" time and I am ready for the quiet too.
    And it's true... it's a nice feeling to have the chance to actually miss someone.

  10. I was very happy to send my oldest back to school. She needs school. My youngest starts preschool next week, and then I will have a few hours a week to myself. It will be quiet and wonderful.

  11. I just had the kids away from me for ten days which was so weird, and like you said, I got to miss them. I had never really had that opportunity before. Six hours in a school day does not make me miss them terribly! Anyway, I think we're ready? We still have nearly two weeks.


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