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Hollywood & Vine Halloween Dine Fantasmic Package At Hollywood Studios Review

One of my favorite things to do when we visit Walt Disney World is eat. It's also fun to meet characters. I like to combine this when I can, so we don't have to wait in character lines.

We decided to try the Hollywood & Vine Halloween Dine for the first time. We have eaten here in the past, but never during Halloween.

It is a buffet, so there's a bunch of choices, which is a plus for me.

You get to meet Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Mickey, and Minnie. When you enter the restaurant, you're given this card to take a photo with Minnie at the end with a fun backdrop.

If you lose the card, you'll get another. I'm pretty sure the small kid at the table next to our swiped it, because I saw her with two when I came back with my food, but I wasn't about to accuse another person's child of taking something unless I saw it with my own eyes. Our waitress was friendly about it and we got another card.

So the thing about character buffets is you can't leave your table if you see a character heading your way. I mean, you CAN, but the people working there probably prefer you don't.

When we first arrived, we were asked if we could stay seated because Goofy was headed over.

"But I'm starving," my dramatic son said.

"You just had a snack like two hours ago," I reminded him.

"It's been digested!"

I was so tempted to order one of these cocktails because while traveling with kids can be fun, it can also be stressful.

Luckily, it didn't take Goofy long to arrive. Natalie was all, "What's up, Goofy?"

They will sign autographs too. And the cool thing about the Halloween Dine is that the characters are in costume.

Tommy forgave Goofy for making him wait like three minutes to eat.

After Goofy left, we all darted off to get food even though we saw Daisy nearby. The food choices were all labeled in a Halloween way.

I was intrigued by this pasta, but didn't try it:

There is also a carving station, so I tried the turkey and the prime rib. I also tried the short ribs and the meatballs.

Natalie tried the chicken, the shrimp, macaroni and cheese, corn, and fruit. (There is also basic kid food like nuggets! Natalie got the corn and mac and cheese from there and said they were good.)

There is no photo of Tommy's plate because he ate too fast.

We did make it back in time to meet Daisy!

Natalie said she liked Daisy's spider buttons, and Daisy was pleased.

Mickey came soon after!

While we were getting more food, Donald passed our table, but we had no idea he was coming. He just popped out of no where, so oops.

However, if a character passes your empty table, tell your waitress. She'll tell the people in charge of keeping the characters happy and you'll get to meet them.

I loaded up on desserts. I tried one of each. (There was also cookies and ice cream.)

Everything was good, but my favorite was the chocolate mousse that I'm holding up in the photo.

We had to wait a bit for Donald to come back, and when he did the workers were apologetic and I told him it wasn't a big deal, we were all probably too busy loading up our plates because I always tell the kids to get our money's worth.

Tommy told Donald he was his favorite, and Donald was excited:

Our last stop was to meet Minnie!

Natalie was all, "Oh-em-gee Minnie, I love your dress!"

And Tommy told Minnie she was beautiful, and Minnie was appreciative:

There is a Photopass photographer taking photos of your meeting with Minnie, but they are not there for the other characters.

Also, I got the Fantasmic package, which meant we had reserved seats for the nighttime show at Hollywood Studios. I recommend getting that so you don't have to arrive so early. The show starts at 8, but they recommend showing up 90 minutes BEFORE the show to get seats. If you have the package, you don't really have to show up until 730.

Fantasmic, for those who don't know, is a nighttime show with fireworks, pyrotechnics, and laser lights. It's pretty awesome!

Our reservations for dinner were at 445, and by the time we finished it was 545, so we decided to kill time by meeting some Star Wars characters.

We met BB8:

Chewbacca, who was impressed with all of Tommy's hair:

And Kylo Ren, who can be intimidating. Natalie asked him why he threw so many tantrums.

And he did not like that.

He basically threw us out.

Afterwards we headed to Fantasmic and we had great seats. The middle area is reserved for the package people.

They will cancel the show if it's raining. Lucky for us, the rain held out until the end of the show. Thank goodness for ponchos.

To book reservations at Walt Disney World, call 407-939-5277 or click here to make them online.

Have you ever eaten at Hollywood & Vine?


  1. Character dining is one of my favorite things to do when we go to Disney. I love all the characters in the Halloween costumes as well!

  2. Oh my! It must have felt nice to dine at Hollywood vine over Halloween,right? Not only is the atmosphere warm and fine but the characters make it more lively. The eats are also as yummy!

  3. When you have kids choosing a buffet is always the best way to go. Everyone can find something they will eat. It would be fun to dine at Hollywood vine over Halloween.

  4. This looks like such a fun place to visit, those cocktails look good and the food doesn't look bad either.

  5. Wow this looks like so much fun and character dining is such a great way to see the characters at your own pace. I love all the Halloween themed stuff. Just perfect

  6. My kids always loved meeting the characters. Now the grandkids are enjoying it. We'll have to eat at Hollywood and Vine next time we visit. Looks like your family had so much fun!

  7. I love Natalie's shirt! Character meals are such a fun way to meet the characters.

  8. Never even heard of this before but it looks interesting and WAY BETTER THAN Saved By The Max! Did you ever check that out?!

  9. That is pretty cool to see Disney characters in a Halloween theme. That is one thing I would like to experience as well.

  10. I love your son's comment that the food had been digested. That sounds like something my kids would say. The character breakfast does look like a lot of fun.

  11. What a great review, it looks and sounds like an amazing experience. Love that visitors can meet the characters too!

  12. No one seems to be going hungry at this great Disney meal and greet event. I love that Disney celebrates all the holidays in such a big way.

  13. This looks like such a fun experience. My kids love Minnie too and would love to see her in person.

  14. Oh, how fun! My grandsons would love this. I love buffets for them, too, because we don't have to worry they wont like what they order.

  15. That sounds like a ton of fun for the kids! Nothing gets them more excited than interacting with their favorite characters.

  16. That must have been a great experience for you and your kids. That's wonderful that they could meet Disney characters there too! :)

  17. This looks like an amazing experience! I would love to do something like this, this looks like a jam-packed evening of fun.

  18. OK I could totally get behind doing this for Halloween. Good food, awesome characters, fun scenes! Yep right up my street.

  19. How cool is this!! We are never to "big" for a Disney experience. And I looove Halloween so you can imagine how excited I am to see Disney characters with costumes! So adorable<3 It seems like you guys had a lot of fun!!


  20. How fun! This looks like such a fun experience. Disney and Halloween, can't have more fun than that.

  21. Oh man now this looks like a great dining experience! I would love to go to Disney one day!!

  22. What a wonderful experience. I would have loaded up on desserts as well. Everything looks so delicious!

  23. The characters are the best thing about any theme park. Especially if they really like what they are doing!

  24. LOL to Tommy and his appetite. I get it. Also, Donald is my favorite too and I always tell him!
    I also totally got the giggles with Kylo Ren and asked him what he thought about the Presidential election (this was 2016) and he threw me out.

  25. That looks amazing! Sounds like everyone had a great time. I would love to check this out sometime. I know my daughters would have a blast.

  26. This looks like it was so much fun for the kids! Love all the pictures you shared!

  27. That looks so amazing. I know we have some good things at the California Parks but this sounds like such a great package. I have always wanted to do one of the Fantasmic ones for Disneyland. I will have to check them out.

  28. Ohhh Can I say, I envy your experience!? Last time I went to Disney was wayback 2016 and now I am considering and planning to visit my December or next year.

  29. I really love this place This looks like a great fun party. I' am huge fan of Disney <3

  30. I hope you had an incredible Halloween! It looks like a ton of fun! I would love to try this experience with my family.

  31. I just noticed that you kids look like twins now that they both channel their long hair :D
    They both look lovely!

  32. I hope you had a great Halloween! Loved reading this article..

  33. This looks like it was such a fun evening! My son loves all the Disney characters, especially Mickey and his pals. I'll have to keep this in mind one of these years. Thanks for sharing!

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