Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Unboxing The 90s Time Capsule Box

Okay, so some people might be all, "You're spoiling all the surprises in the box," and my response is that a list of everything in the box is stated online anyway. It's how I determined if I wanted to buy it or not.

So I grew up in the 90s, and I remember it being a pretty cool time. I did use AIM, and I watched VHS tapes, while jamming out with my Discman.

Dial Up Internet wasn't fun, and I remember getting annoyed if someone made a phone call when I was online because then I'd be disconnected.

Anyway, when I saw the 90s Time Capsule at Target, I went back and forth. Did I really need it? My daughter Natalie is a bad influence because she was like, yes, you do. She wanted to see what life was like in the 90s.

I ended up buying it, because the list online seemed intriguing. Also, see that S in the top corner? I remember drawing that like a billion times in the 90s. Mostly in math class to help cheer me up.

We opened the box and found this:

"Haha, talk to the hand!" I said to Natalie, showing her my palm.


"That was an insult back then. Or this." I made an L on my forehead.

"Why are you doing that?" Natalie asked.

"It means loser," I explained.

Natalie shook her head and muttered something about being lame. I'm not sure if she meant me or the insults.

I got distracted, because she started opening the compartments. Look what was in one:

It's a cup! Remember this design? I do! I remember it being waxy, so I'd take my fingernail and watch as the wax would curl upward.

I mean, look, this was before the big Internet, we found ways to amuse ourselves.

In another compartment, there were tattoos.

Remember the "whatever" sign? I did that for Natalie too, and she blinked at me. Also, remember when everyone got those designs around their arms? So unoriginal.

I am so going to take that S and put it on MY arm. Probably when I have to go to Natalie's school as payback for her calling me lame.

Natalie was amused to find gel pens, because she uses them often:

Remember when everything was neon? And then it came back, and I was like, "Wow, now it's back to wearing sunglasses when people wear that neon yellow in my presence."

We also found some cards:

I fixed many a tape like that, by the way.

Natalie can use the gel pens she got on this nifty messenger pad. As I said before, I used instant messenger! I would sneak use it in computer class.

I also remember playing Solitaire when I should have been doing a typing lesson. I would quickly minimize when the teacher walked past. I would get excited when I completed the game and all the cards celebrated:

Natalie was amused by this story. "What a weird looking game." But then again, she's used to Roblox and such. Must be nice.

Oh, and remember slap bracelets? You still see them in stores today, but I remember when they were super popular in the 90s, so I wasn't surprised to find one in the box:

Oh, and yup, you also get the Fanny Pack and the butterfly clips in the box.

If there's 90s Days for Spirit Week, Natalie is covered thanks to this box.

She thinks the Fanny Pack is cool. She knows what they are, obviously, but likes the colors.

"You came from a very bright time," she told me.

It's probably why my eyesight is so bad.

Am I happy I got the box? Yes. It was fun to see everything and reminisce.

Also, I miss Blockbuster. I know there's one left in Oregon. I remember stalking the return box for certain movies.

What was your favorite thing in the box? Mine is the cup. Natalie says the likes the butterfly clips.


  1. Haha this box is AWESOME. And yes, I totally remember those cups and scratching the wax off. We were so easily amused back then.

  2. Oh these were some really fun surprises. I definitely picture all of the neon colors when I think about the 90s. I remember lots and lots of popular collectibles too.

  3. Ha Ha!! Seeing these 90's items brought back a ton of memories. Be Kind and Rewind at the VCR rental store.

  4. My kids grew up in the 90's and my daughter would love a box like this even though she's technically a grown up...just don't tell her! (Rena)

  5. I so remember the vcr tape thing. This is a cool box that brings back memories.

  6. I super love your unboxing posts and look forward to them!!! This looks such an amazing toy that my daughter would enjoy. Thanks a lot.

  7. That box really brings me back. I remember that stuff and now am thinking about all of the other things from those days. How fun!

  8. I didn't even know they had this box! I hope they put an '80s version out - I'd totally be snapping that up.

  9. What a fun summer activity! When I was younger I put together a time capsule, I wonder if anyone ever found it!

  10. What a fun 90's box, well everything about that era is always fun and colorful. I would love if there's an 80's box to open. :)

  11. WOW!! This is such a #tb. I need this box!!! I'd love to have those items that remind me of the good old days. I had the butterfly hair clips hahaha Thanks for sharing this! It's an excellent way of showing kids about our generation.

  12. I can still remember those L and W signs. It has affected me so much when I was young. lol! I love the gel pens. I couldn't get those before because it's expensive so I have a lot now that I can afford it.

  13. This looks really cute and fun. This reminds me of my old days. I can still remember myself wearing those butterfly clips.

  14. This is such a great box it brings back childhood memories.

  15. What a fun box! Now I'm nostalgic. I so remember the VHS and the dial up internet and all those bunch of 90's stuff. LOL.


  16. You have totally given me the idea for a birthday present for one of my oldest. She grew up in the 90's...and my younger children, can't even imagine it! Like it was a long time ago!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. You brought me back into my childhood! My favorite saying was talk to the hand haha or the MASH game that I would play with my friends.

  18. Ahhh - this is so much fun! I remember all of these things and I used to work at a video store back then so I am VERY familiar with the "be kind rewind"! Love that this is a "thing" to buy!

  19. The 90's were my favorite time. That's when I grew up, was in the 90's. They had so many amazing things and I wish we were still in the 90's honestly. Love this box!

  20. Looks like you got some fun stuff. :)

  21. This is a great post. Some of the things in there I do remember these from my teen and young adult years! Thanks for sharing.

  22. This looks like an awesome time capsule box. I bet I would have a blast going through a box like this. I miss the 90's a lot!

  23. The barbed wire tattoos crack me up! So true. I wonder if people still get them.

  24. That is awesome.. so many great 90's memories! I remember all these things. Those days of having to drive to the store for a movie.. lol!

  25. Time capsule boxes are my favorite. Its so good to look back and see the memories. I kinda remember all of the things.

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