Monday, October 21, 2019

The Debacle At BEL Furniture

My husband can be quite shifty in bed. I swear he has restless leg syndrome. He wears a CPAP machine. We had a queen bed, and suddenly it seemed too small.

So we agreed that it was time for a King.

Also, my son needed a twin mattress. Since he has autism, he does this thing where he crashes against his bed over and over to the point where it left a dent. I knew that couldn't be comfortable for him.

We decided to go to BEL Furniture, which was the closest furniture place to our house. Plus we got our entertainment center from them without issues, so I thought everything would go smoothly.

I was wrong.

The salesperson who helped us, Amir, was kind. I told him we needed our old mattresses and box springs picked up and he said no problem. He said all he had to do was record it on the order and it would be done. We picked out new mattresses and box springs, plus a basic headboard. Then we checked out with a lady and once again I confirmed our old stuff could be picked up. Even my husband was like, "Geez Amber, how many times will you ask that?" But you see, we wouldn't have room for the new stuff if the old wasn't picked up.

It took about 3 weeks for our stuff to be delivered. Annoying, yes, but okay, fine.

Our time for our delivery was Friday between 4-8.

At nearly 8, I called up BEL Furniture to find out where the delivery truck was. They put me on hold, called the delivery people and said they were running an hour behind and should be there soon.

I mean. If you're running late, you inform the customer. That's How To Run A Business 101 right there. I get things happen, but let me know.


It was nearly 9 and no delivery people. Still no phone call from them. I called BEL Furniture again. This time they couldn't even get a hold of the delivery truck but I was told they should still be coming. I spoke with the manager who told me this and again I was like, "And they know they're picking up our old mattresses," and he said if it was on the delivery paper they would. Okay. Cool.

After 9 I was on my own because BEL Furniture closed and naturally the manager wasn't concerned enough to give me his number should the delivery people not show up.

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At nearly 10, the delivery truck rolled up. Again, still no phone call from them. The two guys get out, one comes to the door and was like, "I'm here to set up a bed." No apologies for being late. He didn't even look sorry. I did not have the best vibe from him, but at that point I was tired and I just wanted my stuff. Look, I'm old. I'm usually in bed by 10.

I told him as we went up the stairs, "And you'll be taking the old mattresses," and he said, "Only if they're wrapped in plastic."

I was like:

Because I had NEVER heard of that before. Never. Amir, the salesperson hadn't informed us. The lady who checked us out hadn't informed us. The manager I spoke to on the phone hadn't informed us.

And yes, I was pissed. At that point I had been waiting nearly TWO HOURS PAST my delivery time with no apology. I was tired. So I let the guy have it. I said we had never been told that the mattresses had to be wrapped in plastic.

"We can't take them," he shrugged.

Then he asked if we had plastic around the house to wrap the beds and I was like:

Who has giant plastic bags sitting around their house?! Maybe Ted Bundy did, but I certainly do not.

I asked if we could use the plastic that our NEW mattresses and box springs would be in and was informed they weren't wrapped in plastic so no, we couldn't.

I knew that was a lie. New items ALWAYS come wrapped in plastic. It didn't seem like they cared to work. And I get it, it was late, they were probably tired too, but they came across like complete jerks.

Eventually I told him they could just leave. One guy was like, "What, you don't want your stuff?" and I said we had no room for it since our old mattresses weren't being picked up.

"You can move them into the garage," one said. Yup, we would have had to move them since they weren't allowed to touch old mattresses.

"No. Our garage wouldn't have the room and the deal was that you guys were picking up the old ones," I answered.

If we had done that, odds of them coming back for the old mattresses even if they were wrapped in plastic would be slim to none.

So I shut the door on them and that was that.

The next day we went into BEL Furniture. I told a lady our tale and was told, "Oh yeah, if the old mattresses aren't wrapped in plastic, they can't legally take them," like we were supposed to know this all along.

I asked why no one told us this while we were there purchasing the mattresses and she said she'd get the manager.

The manager James told us it was Texas State Law to wrap old mattresses because they don't know what's been on them. And I get it, I do, because people are flat out nasty, but WHY DID NO ONE TELL US THIS IN THE STORE WHEN WE BOUGHT THE MATTRESSES?

(And by the way, it doesn't state this at all on our receipt.)

He apologized for the delivery people being two hours late and said he'd make it right and send someone out Monday. But we had to wrap the old mattresses in plastic if we wanted them picked up. I asked if we could use plastic from the store and were told, nope, we had to get our own.

Basically, they don't make it easy.

We went to Home Depot and bought these:

We wrapped the old mattresses. Yup, even if you spend a bunch of money in their store, they won't help you with this at all.

The delivery people showed up on time Monday. Yay! And look, our new mattresses WERE wrapped in plastic despite what other delivery people told us so we COULD HAVE used them to wrap everything Friday. But whatever.

However, these guys forgot parts of our order.

I mean. It wasn't ALL their fault. These were different delivery people, by the way, because I said there was no way the other guys would step foot on my property again. I guess these new guys weren't informed of our full order from BEL Furniture. Or, I don't know what happened. You'd think if they had messed up before that they'd make sure this order was perfect so nothing else went wrong, but I guess that's not how it goes over there.

They said they'd be back in an hour, and they were.

But then the drawers that went under the headboard broke and they said they had to come back the next day with new ones.

I appreciate that they are making it right, but holy crap, I never knew it would be this complicated. I never in my life dealt with so many headaches from a company.

I will update when they fix the drawers.

On the plus, we have our new King bed. And please excuse the wrinkly sheets. The holes on the bottom are where the drawers will be going.

Will I ever shop at BEL Furniture again? Probably not. While I appreciate that they sent competent delivery people out, they don't seem to care much about customers judging from the other negative reviews I'm seeing online. If they knew we were getting rid of old mattresses, why not have someone in the store tell us about the plastic rule? It seemed to me they were trying to make things more difficult so we'd be stuck with our old mattresses. You know, one less thing for THEM to have to do.

It seems they have a bunch of terrible delivery people judging from the Google and YELP reviews as well. So many people ranted about late deliveries and damaged products. I guess these guys are sub contracted through BEL Furniture, and that's great and all, but having people who don't want to work doesn't make their company look good. If I were the CEO, I'd be pretty darn embarrassed.

Again, I'll update when our drawers arrive. I trust the delivery guy Ray who came will make things right. He had much better vibes than the guys who came before.

Have you ever had any furniture company horror stories?

UPDATE: the drawers were completed and returned the next day. I've never had furniture take this long to be delivered and built.


  1. It's frustrating to wait for something and disappointing at the same time to find out it's below expectations. BEL Furniture management should get back to you and resolve the concern.

  2. Okay this is ridiculous and I would never, ever shop there. What a bummer of an experience! I'm not sure I've ever had a really bad horror story, although Wayfair kept shipping us a full coffee table when all we needed was parts, so we ended up with 5 half made coffee tables and they wouldn't take them back. Getting rid of them was kind of a mess.

  3. WOW that experience seemed terrible. I would've been really upset too if it happened to me.

  4. Wow, that's incredibly frustrating! I couldn't stop reading! I'm glad it's all worked out for you know :)

  5. I feel terrible that this happened! I have read and heard other people's bad experiences, not just with furniture stores, but with home improvement stores (names withheld!). I hope that they finally fix the issues.

  6. I order my last mattress on line and it was one of those memory foam ones. Then we just place the old mattress on the curb for large pick up.

  7. WoW! Sorry to hear that you're having this experience. I would be unhappy too if this happened to me.

  8. I would have been angry too! Showing up at 10 is completely rude! Not to mention that I would not have known to have my old mattress wrapped either! Wow! I don't have a BEL near me, Thank goodness! Wow!

  9. Nowadays its hard to find a local and trusted local Furniture store. All of them always have a negative reviews. Either their product or service it sad , but I'm glad you finally receive what you order for.

  10. Why don't they just use gloves for handling these things? I just retired my old mattress and we had some recycling people come to pick it up (So they re-use the springs and whatever else in the mattress) it was old, and they didn't need the thing covered in plastic. I find that really odd.

    Still, I'm glad you were finally able to get your new beds! YAY! And the drawers are sooooo great! I use mine all the time!! :D

  11. OMG...sorry about your mattress experience! I never knew you needed to have old ones wrapped in plastic to have them taken away?? Good to know...we have an old Bamboo mattress that has been giving us problems & plan to purchase a new one soon. Will keep this in mind!

  12. What an event! Who knew getting furniture delivered could be so disastrous!

  13. Ugh, that sounds like a horrible experience. I hate when stuff like that happens to me.

  14. Wow, this sounds so frustrating. I wouldn't use that company again either.

  15. That's awful customer treatment. I would have lodged a formal complaint. If they're a franchise that could lead to a partial refund of payment. However, if independent, you'll not get much help in my experience.

  16. Mama Maggie's KitchenOctober 23, 2019 at 12:56 AM

    That's really frustrating and annoying! I will never go in that store again if I experience the same thing as you. If they want more customers coming in, they should train their staffs to be respectful and responsible.

  17. I can't stand things like this! I get so angry and it's not pretty!

  18. I would search for a TX law on the mattress being wrapped in plastic. We bought a mattress a lil over 3 years ago and they took our old ones without it. I'm guessing that they have had a run in with bedbug infestation from picking up an old mattress. However, the evidence of bedbugs usually is very obvious unless its a small infestation. If there isn't a law, I'd make them refund you for the plastic protectors.

  19. I hate companies like this. They promise you the world and then don't deliver...literally. I forget to read reviews sometimes and it always bites me in the ass! (Rena)

  20. I didn't have such big problems with delivery companies! Hope there aren't too many companies like theirs! :)

  21. Wow, what a pain! I don't know if I miss this aspect of US customer service because here in Japan, everything is on point for customer service most of the time.

  22. Wow, that is a pretty bad experience. I honestly would have done the same thing and told them to leave. That is so unprofessional. I'm glad the second ones who came out seemed a lot nicer.

  23. Oh. My. Gosh. This is terrible! I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. They definitely should have told you about the plastic rule. I feel like that's just natural. If a customer asked me about someone picking up their old mattress, my brain would automatically go to the plastic rule and I'd make sure they knew! This reminds me of an experience my husband and I had with a moving company one time. They didn't tell us about rules ahead of time and they had no regard for customer satisfaction. All the reviews I read online later were terrible. I wish we read them before hand haha

  24. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the delivery. I've had many, many scenarios like this play out all too similarly.

  25. That sounds like a very frustrating experience! It is crazy that no one told you ahead of time that the old mattresses had to be wrapped in plastic. I wouldn't shop there again either.

  26. Getting stuff delivered can be such a hassle! Sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience. I can definitely relate!

  27. At least Ray was a better delivery guy than the last ones. I mean, what can you expect? Sometimes with a bargain comes the headaches. Glad you got your bed. It looks super comfortable.

  28. Oh my gosh, that was a roller-coaster of a ride. I'm glad you got your bed in the end but man, I really hope you have to go through that again.

  29. This is SO frustrating! I worked in a large business for 10 years and I was ALWAYS sure to communicate if we should be 'extra gentle' on customers because of a previous poor experience. UGH! They could have fixed this so easily.

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  34. I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible customer service you received at Bel Furniture. It's baffling how some companies can let their customers down so spectacularly. Your personal touch and candid writing style make the reader feel like they're right there with you, facing the same ordeal.


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