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Disney's Beach Club Villas Review

Originally we were supposed to stay at the Polynesian in the Club Level rooms. For my son's graduation gift, my parents said he could pick any place he wanted to stay. But then the pandemic happened. All the Club Level rooms were closed, but all was not lost. I called and was told we could stay at the Beach Club Villas. Normally these are DVC (Disney Vacation Club) rooms. I said, sure, because not only are the rooms beautiful, but you can walk to Epcot. It's literally next door.

Anyway, the Beach Club is gorgeous.

The Beach Club Villas have their own section.

We originally had a 1 bedroom villa. It had one King Bed and a pull out couch. However, when I went to pull out the couch, there were crumbs everywhere. It seemed what happened was that maybe the people before us had kids on the couch eating crackers and those crumbs went to the pull out bed.

Because of this, we were upgraded to a 2 bedroom villa.

The 2 bedroom villa is basically the same, only you get an extra room, obviously. There's one room with 2 queen beds and another room with a king.

There's a living area:

The couch is still a pull out, but we didn't need it.

My daughter loved the tub and the shower:

There's a kitchen if you wanted to cook food, but you know, I'm on vacation, so no. There's plenty of seating!

One of my favorite things was having a washer and dryer, and yes, they give you detergent:

We had a ground floor, so we had a seating area like this, but I believe if you are higher up you'll have a balcony:

In the Beach Club Villa area, you have your own spots:

You could relax in there, but we never did.

You also see what's available:

Obviously you can venture out to the main Beach Club area. They have a place called the Marketplace where you can buy souvenirs and food.

The main Beach Club area is gorgeous.

Yes, there are people constantly cleaning:

And yes, it smells amazing inside. Like the beach!

To get to the parks, you have the bus for Animal and Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the water parks:

As I mentioned, Epcot is right next door. You can also walk to Hollywood Studios, but that's like a 20 minute walk, and I'm lazy, so no. At the moment the Friendship Boats aren't running (they are on the Boardwalk side which is another Disney resort) so you take a Skyliner to Hollywood Studios. This is right outside of Epcot.

As I mentioned before, the Boardwalk resort is right across the way. It's about a 10 minute walk. They have several food options open, like the Boardwalk Bakery. You can fill you souvenir mugs up there or get ice cream or other treats.

When we went, the amazing Beach/Yacht Club pool Stormalong Bay was closed. I'm told it's the BEST pool on Disney property. So because of this, Beach Club guests could use the Boardwalk pool, which is a little creepy. But Natalie loved coming out of the clown mouth.

You can also relax on the beach.

Food options? Well, as I mentioned, there's the Marketplace. Plus Beaches & Cream, which sadly we didn't have time to dine at. I'm told the ice cream is incredible.

Plus Martha's Vineyard, which we also didn't get a chance to eat at. We just had flat bread pizzas from the Marketplace when we arrived, the rest of the time we ate at the parks.  (You can also eat at the Boardwalk!)

(The Yacht Club was right door, but closed off due to NBA players staying there.)

Would I recommend the Beach Club Villas? Yes. I was spoiled. I don't know how I'm going to go back to 1 bedroom rooms. With no washer and dryer. (But that's all that's in the budget, so...)

It was so quiet. And we never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus.

The staff was amazing. It was incredibly nice to upgrade us. Plus it truly did smell incredible inside. You'll understand if you ever go, I promise.

I felt safe. Yes, we had the initial crumbs when we checked in, but everything else was clean.

I doubt we'll ever be able to afford a place like this again. If we ever win the lottery, I would look into joining the Disney Vacation Club.

I can understand why people love the Beach Club. When we go to Disney World again, I'll check how much a regular room would be. It seriously was nice to be able to walk to Epcot, which happens to be my son's favorite park. Plus having the Skyliner right there? Yes please.

Have you ever stayed at the Beach Club?


  1. I've always wanted to stay at the Beach Club. We usually stay at the Swan / Dolphin.

  2. I've never stayed at the Beach Club but it looks amazing. I agree with you on the cooking. I'm on vacation, so no. :)

  3. I never thought to stay at the Beach Club, this looks amazing though!

  4. It's stunning. I get why this place is priced at a premium. I'd love to have a washer dryer in my room too so I don't go home with a pile of dirty clothes!!

  5. I've never stayed at the Beach Club before. I can't wait until my next trip to Disney.

  6. That is a nice hotel. I love the way that it looks.

  7. This is really relaxing looking! I love having the option to do laundry or cook myself. I can't wait to travel again!

  8. Oh this is an adorable villas! Looks so quant and peaceful place to stay.

  9. This looks like such a fun place to stay! We will have to check it out next time we are at Disney.

  10. Everything you shown about this beach club villa looks really good and relaxing. On my next trip to disney, I will love to explore this villa too

  11. Oh wow!! That Beach Club does look so fabulous. I am so glad that you found the crumbs so that they can give you an upgrade. I am now going to be forever curious about that smell.

  12. This looks amazing, and makes me miss Disney so much. So glad you had an amazing time!

  13. Wow, everything in this place is really beautiful and relaxing. I wish that someday I can be there too.

  14. I would love to stay at the Beach Club. It looks amazing. The question much? LOL. -LYNNDEE

  15. I have been wanting to stay at the beach club! IT looks so nice and I miss Disney so much! I will totally be checking this resort out next time we head there!

  16. Wow, what a beautiful place. I would love to stay there anytime. I've never been to anything Disney, so this would be amazing.

  17. Way to go and get that upgrade. The place looks amazing. Love all the amenities, especially laundry. Nice place to chill and relax for sure :)

  18. I live in a coastal place and have stayed at beach clubs many times, this one looks really interesting. Love that cute tub and the fact that the rooms are equipped with all essentials.

  19. No I haven't stayed at the Beach club before, but it looks so cozy! The tub would make a day of walking through Epcot so relaxing after, ahah!

  20. This looks like a really great place to vacation. The amenities are fantastic.

  21. That hotel is gorgeous! I think the beach club is in my future!

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous place to stay! It looks like a really fun trip!

  23. I think I"ll need to look into this resort when we plan our Disney vacay!

  24. Wow, this looks like a great place for a family to stay! I love all the amenities and location!

  25. Looks like a beautiful place where I would like to spend some days with my family! Thanks for sharing!

  26. The disneys beach club resorts look super beautiful. I would love to check in my self there!

  27. Oh wow. Visiting the Disney World is a dream. The room upgrade is fab!

  28. Sounds like such an amazing place to visit! I would love to go with the family.

  29. Wow, that's a nice graduation gift. The villa looks so fancy and spacious! I would love to stay there!


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