Tuesday, December 8, 2020

17 Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Yes, we have an Elf on the Shelf. (Her name is Meredith. She's named after Meredith Grey.)

Yes, she scares me a little bit. It's the eyes. What exactly is she looking at? 

I'm pretty lazy with the elf. I marvel at what other people do: it looks like something out of a magazine ad. They actually go out and buy accessories and take photos with a nice camera. They also took the time to make their elf posable.

I don't do this. Our elf is not posable because I really don't give a crap.

We don't follow proper rules with our elf either. My kids touch our elf. Constantly. Some of their friends are all, "You're not supposed to do that" and my kids say "Yes, you are."

You're supposed to move the elf every day. I do, but I'm lazy about it. Like completely lazy. I've seen other posts on slacker ways to move elves, but sometimes they are more complicated than I'd like.

My ideas are REALLY easy. I promise.


Have your elf fall into some candy.


The elf can slide down the bannister in a shoe! 


Your elf can write words in sugar. We love potty humor so I went with fart.


The elf wants to cook so she brings an apron and hat! 


Oh no! The elf is stuck under a cup. She shouldn't have tried to take Mommy's Diet Coke.


When you really do not care, cut a hole in some Kleenex and have your elf wear it. 


Look! The Elf is playing a card game with other toys.


Ahh! The elf has made friends and she's running into Anna!


Meredith pooped out a Hershey Kiss! While reading about thermometers. I don't know why she was reading about thermometers. 


Meredith wants to make popcorn! Be prepared for your kid to be like, "Does this mean I can have popcorn for breakfast?" Just say yes. 


She can spell stuff out with mini marshmallows! This was actually more of a pain than I thought. It took five long minutes. I'd rather have been reading. But it amused the kids, so okay.


Get a reindeer and have it poop out chocolate chips. 


The elf can make snowmen out of big marshmallows. Use a Sharpie to make the face. Stick a toothpick in for the arms. Done. 


Tape the thing to the wall. I didn't have duct tape so I used packing tape. I placed stuffed animals around her. They had enough of her. Especially Grumpy Cat. She just wanted the damn elf to go away.


For guaranteed laughs, have the elf ride on underwear on the ceiling fan with a Barbie. 


Aw. The elf made hearts out of candy canes.


Hang the elf from the fan again. We got this Elf set that came with all sorts of props. A seat was one. We bought the Minecraft mask from Etsy. You can find all sorts of Elf On The Shelf goodies on Etsy. Support a small store and pick something up! 

I hope this helps make moving around the elf less stressful. Some people love to do it.

But there are people like us who are all, "Give me easy."

And there's nothing wrong with that.


  1. I never had an elf but it does seem like fun around the holidays. I think the spirit of the season is the important thing and this can help with that.

  2. I am SO going to do Elf On The Shelf when my son is older and understands WTF is going on! hahahaha! I have so many ideas!

  3. These are such cute ideas! I don't have to do it myself yet but my sister-in-law does. I'll pass this along!

  4. Amazing ideas! I needed this list! It's my first year doing it and I am lost lol!

  5. Love these elf ideas! I am always trying to figure out what our elves should do :)

  6. These are awesome omg!! Soooo cute!!! I wannnnt...I will try to do one with the kids.

  7. Wow have never thought about that

  8. We were running out of ideas. Totally doing the fart one tomorrow.

  9. These are all really fun ideas. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Indeed such cool ideas! The elves are so cute! I'll give them one each and will let my nephews and nieces put where they want to put.

  11. I think no. 10 is the best. I love my elf holding my some popcorn

  12. Love your perspective on the EotS. I really got a kick out of hiding ours throughout the house doing mischievous things

  13. This year I bought one of those kits but I love the simple ideas.

  14. Santa says yo is definetely my fav lol

  15. I love all of these. My kids already know about everything, but they still make me put out the elf. They love it. I'm always glad to see more ideas. It's hard to think of them sometimes.

  16. How fun! I wanted to have elf on the shelf before but my son was scared of it. :) -LYNNDEE

  17. This looks like it would be great fun for people who celebrate with the Elf of the Shelf. They always seem to be looking for new and creative ideas.

  18. Some of these ideas are really cute! So much fun for the whole family!

    1. This year I am getting inspired by your ideas. Love the elf under the cup :)

  19. I really love these ideas. Elf on the Shelf is always a fun thing to do with the kids.

  20. LOVE these ideas! We opted out of elf on the shelf this year and my kids haven't even asked. lol

  21. Love these ideas, how you put them in the fan. Here we are moving here and there.

  22. Mama Maggie's KitchenDecember 11, 2020 at 1:08 AM

    Love these ideas so much! Having Elf on the Shelf is quiet nice. We can really feel the spirit of Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love these ideas. Elf is so cute! I need to get one for my kids!

  24. Haha this is so fun! I see some great ideas here. I might use them tonight. Thanks!

  25. LOL, now these are cute and funny! I keep saying I am going to buy an Elf on the shelf. Since we are preparing to move next year, I will surely add him to my list of things to purchase.

  26. I love these. When I was a principal, I did the Elf on the Shelf so that all my students would have the experience at least once.

  27. We don't have an Elf because I am way too lazy and uncreative to move it around. I love seeing how other people do it though!

  28. These are all amazing ideas. that Kleenex ideas fit me really well since I`m lazy.

  29. These are such a great ideas, so cute! This isn't really a tradition in Italy but I would have loved it as a kid

  30. I'm loving all these ideas. Even though my daughters know about the elf now, we still continue to follow the tradition. They love to see what I come up with each year.

  31. Love these ideas. I never had an elf as a kid though I'm sure I would have loved it. The elf pooping is hilarious.

  32. So many cute ideas! These always blow my mind every year with the creativeness!

  33. This is really amazing! I love these ideas, I'm sure my kids would surely love this!

  34. Wow! Another fun idea for the kids this Christmas season!

  35. I'll be passing these on to my friends who do the elf on the shelf tradition!

  36. These seem to be a good ideas for people who celebrate the elf on the shelf phenomenon.

  37. awww adorableness overload right there. I love all these fun and creative ideas. Definitely going to try some. thanks for the tips and tricks shared. my mom and sister would love this!

  38. These are cute ideas, and definitely a big bonus that they are easy. Our elf used to get a bit ambitious and it got a little stressful :)

  39. I have just not gotten into the elf on the shelf although many of my family and friends have and it is cute for the kiddos. Loving your ideas here and may have to cook one up ;)


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