Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Being Terribly Awkward With Christmas Carolers

**Reposted from 2 years ago before the pandemic**

So, okay.

Carolers are awesome and such, don't get me wrong, but what do you do when they come to your door?

This happened to me a few days ago. I had just washed my hair and I air dry, so it was wet. I was in my pajamas with no bra on. I was reading a book. (Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks.) The rest of my family were upstairs on electronics.

The doorbell rang.

I shouldn't have answered. But supposed it was a package? There's a rise in porch pirates, so I couldn't leave it sitting out there.

So I answered. With dripping hair. In my pajamas. Without a bra.

A boy dressed as Santa stared back at me. I jumped. He jumped and nervously handed me a wrapped chocolate pretzel rod and a mint.

"Oh," I said, startled. "Thank you." And I went to shut the door because again I'm standing there with dripping hair, pajamas, and no bra. I didn't want to scar the lad for life. He couldn't have been older than 10.

But then he said, "Wait! We're going to sing for you!" and my heart dropped. I hadn't noticed before, but there was a group of people at the end of the driveway. Staring. At me. With dripping hair. Without a bra.

Would it have been rude to run into the house? Probably, yes. So I stepped out on the porch. It looked like it was a bunch of high schoolers, with some adults and small kids mixed in.

I stared awkwardly as they began to sing. A few looked shocked to see me because when my hair has just been washed, I sort of look like a wet dog.

Still, the show must go on, so the group sang "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" while my hair dripped on my bare feet. I crossed my arms over my chest so no one could tell I wasn't wearing a bra.

It is so terribly, terribly awkward to have a group of strangers sing at you, I'm sorry. I don't know the rules here. Do I join in? Dance? Am I supposed to offer them a treat? I didn't have enough to feed a group. The only cookies I had in the house were stale Oreos because no one likes to bake here.

I stared as they sang with what I hoped was a normal looking smile on my face. I worried I looked like this though:

The song seemed to go on forever. I surreptitiously tried to get a family member downstairs.

"Kids?" I hissed from the side of my mouth so as not to interrupt. "Anyone?"

No luck.

It was only me. In my pajamas. With no bra. And dripping hair.

I was so worried they'd start singing another song, so when they finished, I clapped enthusiastically and went, "Thank you, thank you, you did great!" and turned to head inside.

But really, was I supposed to tip them? I have no earthly idea.

I think it's a sweet thing to do, spreading Christmas cheer and all, and yeah, maybe you just don't open the door if you don't want to hear singing, but again, I thought it was a package.

"Merry Christmas," I told the group as they moved on to the next house. I swear I frightened some by my appearance and for that, I apologize.

So what do YOU do if carolers come to your door? And if you are a caroler, what do you expect from the people who you sing at?


  1. At a Christmas party I attended once we went caroling. The party hosts had arranged it with neighbors who were expecting us. I thought that was a great way to handle it.

  2. That's awesome! I was just talking about carolers not being around anymore! I think this year would be great for it to bring cheer and stay distanced!

  3. I've never experienced Christmas carolers, thank goodness for living in the country, lol! I think I would have felt so awkward too.

  4. This is hilarious, but I'm also mortified for you (and the little boy), LOL!

  5. I have never had carolers come to my door , I dunno what I'd do . I would probably not be able to hold in my laugh due to being awkward

  6. Haha I could really relate to that awkwardness. And the giphy is so hilarious ��

  7. This is so funny! I love to sing and have always wanted to go caroling but I honestly have thought this. Is it awkward for people? Do they want strangers singing to them? Who knows really! I'm sure you didn't frigthen anyone and were a lovely audience. =)

  8. This makes me laugh! I can imagine how you looked like with dripping hair and without a bra. lol We used to do carolling when I was younger and the surprise and horror I sometimes see in people's faces... priceless!

  9. haha oh no! I always worry about this during this time of year but as like you I am waiting for parcels lol

  10. I have never had this experience before. I don't know what I would do either. I think I would feel a bit awkward as well.

  11. HAHA this is so funny. (Thankfully) we haven't had any carolers in a very long time. But I tend to avoid them by hiding in my house, lol.

  12. So funny. This has never happend to me but I'd love to x

  13. Mama Maggie's KitchenDecember 17, 2020 at 1:35 PM

    This was really fun to read! I have my awkward moments with carolers, too and it still gives me so much laughs.

  14. I think Carolers are beautiful only in movies! :) This is my opinion. And I so understand you.

  15. I have never had carolers at my door. I did enjoy reading about your carolers in the driveway story.

  16. I've had carolers at my door and I usually pass out cookies to them.

  17. Surprise visitors for real haha! I hope it would not happened to me though I think people will no longer do personal caroling here.

  18. Oh i miss the time when everything are so much fun in Christmas season. The carolers are not around anymore. Also the experience of you, hilarious but yeah it's fun and kind of awkward.

  19. Haha, this is hilarious ��Well, I have never experienced Carolers, but at my place (Assam, India) there are Hindu festivals wherein groups come to every house and sing, dance and all. I just keep my ears open during those times so that I can easily ignore them, not open the door or just hide if I am not wearing a bra or busy with something ��Usually, we either tip them or give raw rice & fruits for the God (kind of ritual)!

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