Sunday, April 4, 2021

Why We Won't Use The Puzzle Symbol For Autism

I always noticed the puzzle symbol being used for autism. Personally, it never felt right to me. I know it's right for many others, and of course that's wonderful for them. The world would be a boring place if everyone thought the same.

But for us?


We won't sport a puzzle symbol.

My son Tommy has autism. The puzzle symbol to me means he needs to fit into the crowd. It means he's a mystery and complicated, that he needs to be solved. 

And guess what? He doesn't.

I know to a friend of mine the puzzle means wanting to find a cure for autism. But honestly? I wouldn't want Tommy to be any other way than how he is. If they could cure autism, he wouldn't be Tommy. He wouldn't be the son that I know and love. 

I understand many LIKE the puzzle symbol. Heck, I might have purchased items in the past with the puzzle on it because there wasn't much out there. But I never fully embraced it. As the years went by, I realized many others didn't like the puzzle either. I wasn't alone. I had begun noticing a buzz about getting rid of the puzzle symbol a while back. I saw an infinity symbol floating around. One like this:

And I loved it. On Twitter, you'll notice a rainbow infinity symbol when you hashtag Autism Acceptance Month. It seems the puzzle is starting to be something of the past. 

I spotted this on social media:

Some don't understand the hate towards Autism Speaks. Please Google and do your research. I won't get into it, but only a tiny TINY portion goes back to those with autism. 

So no. The puzzle symbol for autism is no longer welcome here. Tommy does not need to be cured. He's delightfully honest and sees the world in a spectacular way. I've learned so much from him. Since it's Autism Awareness Month (I prefer the word acceptance, because sadly, so many with autism are NOT accepted. People are AWARE of autism, but when it comes to being accepted, well, it doesn't always happen) I do hope the infinity symbol is used more often than the puzzle one. 

My son is not a mystery or complicated. Sometimes the puzzle symbol is accompanied by words like "until all the pieces fit."

Well. All the pieces fit with my son already. He's uniquely Tommy, and that's a wonderful thing.

And I can only hope other people realize how extraordinary he is and are accepting. 


  1. What a wonderful read and I agree with everything that you said. I actually didn’t know that the puzzle symbol was used for autism but I wouldn’t like that, too, had I known it beforehand.

  2. My daughter is Autistic as well. And I love the look of the infinity symbol. I can’t stand when I read about wanting to find a cure for autism. I would not change anything about my daughter. Like you said at the beginning of your post. It would be boring if everyone was the same.

  3. You are a proud parent and always show your love of your children. I will learn from your lead on this issue.

  4. God created people to be different. We need to not judge people on their differences and I loved learning about the symbols.

  5. What a wonderful way to look at it. Your son sounds like a beautiful soul and your outlook is inspiring.

  6. I love how proud parent you are and in love with his authenticy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Thank you for explaining everything to us and for sharing your true feelings about it. Like I really the new symbol which is the infinity symbol instead of the puzzle one. There is nothing that need to be solve with Autism, instead we should accept them in the society with full understanding, patient, and love.

  8. I love the new symbol to. It's better. Thanks for sharing awareness.

  9. I appreciated this insight into a symbol that I see often. The new symbol is a much better representation.

  10. I had no idea about the symbol. But being unique is a wonderful thing, for sure. -LYNNDEE

  11. I've learned so much over the last few years. Especially from following you and The Autism Cafe. Neurodiversity isn't about "awareness." it's about accepting the whole spetrum!

  12. This totally makes sense. And I agree with you that it isn't fitting for your son. I have enjoyed your thoughts on autism over the years.

  13. I know what you are feeling, my daughter too have learning dissability, but she is sweet girl. You are right, he is wonderful kids. They make us proud.

  14. It's a beautiful post. I love when you say that your son is beautiful as he is no and sees the world in a unique way!

  15. Thank you for this enlightening words. I love the infinity symbol and how it symbolizes Autism acceptance. We should treat our kids who are dealing with different disabilities as a normal person and love for who they are.


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