Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Things We Do For Easter That Other Parents Don't

Okay, so, I get it: sugar can be bad. But we have lots of it on Easter. I once admitted this to another mother while waiting for Natalie outside school when she was small. You'd have thought I said that I allowed my kid to watch Showgirls or something from her expression. She said something like "we don't allow refined sugar or those junky toys parents like to put in baskets." I answered, "Oh. We do. Lots of refined sugar in our home, actually," and she gave me a tight smile and moved away. 

Here are some of the things that happen on Easter in this house:

1. We use dye from a box. I know natural dyes are in, and they are cool, but I always turn to the boxed kits because they are easy. 

2. Candy is always in the baskets. (And sometimes those junky toys.) I even get some candy. Momma wants a chocolate bunny too. Oh, and lots and lots of Cadbury Creme Eggs. 

3. It is about the Easter Bunny and egg hunts here. We aren't religious. We have religious friends and family and respect their rituals if we visit, but it's not for us in our home.

4. Easter Egg Hunts are a free for all. There's no "oh, she's smaller than you, be nice." No my kids are savages. Granted, yes, if they are with other kids, they have manners, but with each other? It's nuts.

5. Oh, and there's no special Easter breakfast or lunch. I already have to make a ham for dinner. I'm not about to make other meals. So if the kids are hungry, I tell them to eat what's in their baskets. 

So that's what Easter is like here. It might be different from other homes, but it works for us, and what we've been doing for years. However, as I've told my kids, when you're in someone else's home, you abide by their rules. 

Are you all about chocolate too? 


  1. I like your style. We do egg hunts and go to church. There is no need to follow the crowd.

  2. This is very similar to us as well. I don't mind putting some candy in my daughters Easter baskets. It's a special time and they can have it sometimes.

  3. Your Easter sounds like a lot of fun! I love the idea of dye from a box!

  4. Ha we also use dye from a box, it is all about the easy life for everyone, love how easy going your family celebrate Easter

  5. Haha lots of refined sugar here too! Your kids will grow up with great memories of Easter!

  6. I love that you stick to the basics of fun for Easter. Your truly making great traditions.

  7. Can I join you? We are going to have a super chill day, not really a traditional holiday for my fam

  8. Wow! These ideas are definitely a great way to enjoy eastern egg festivity with the whole family. I'll definitely consider these and try to adopt.

  9. We are big dessert eaters over here too! Yay for Easter (and Halloween and Christmas and Valentine's) candy!

  10. Your Easter traditions sound a lot like ours! Some years I skip the ham and we have something else. (On Christmas, we always have homemade pizza, because I really hate cooking on Christmas!) At my family's request, ham is on the menu this year.

  11. Sounds pretty much like our Easter here. Nice to have these traditions for the kids to enjoy.


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