Sunday, May 30, 2021

It's Not Just A Happy Memorial Day On The Beach

Look, I get it: people love long weekends. I love long weekends. But it does irk me when I constantly see the "Happy Memorial Day" post with someone gripping a cocktail on Instagram while at the beach without so much as a thank you to the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Do they even know why there is a Memorial Day? 

Do they even understand what the day means? 

Memorial Day is a day in which men and women are honored because they died while serving in the military. 

It's not just about going to the beach.

It's not just about sleeping in an extra day.

It's not just about the BBQs. 

My Grandpa did not die while serving. But I still think about him on Memorial Day. He served in the World War 2, as well as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He has two purple hearts. He did come home. But unfortunately he is no longer with us. 

I miss him. I remember he smelled of smoke and he was kind. I was obsessed with the movie Annie and he let me watch it over and over when I visited. When Miss Hannigan frightened me, I would bury my face in his shoulder. I am thankful for all he did for his country. I did not understand when I was a child and sadly he died before I became a teenager. But now I understand.

Of course you should enjoy Memorial Day. But please, if even for a second, think about all the soldiers who went to fight for their country and never got to come home. Perhaps you can go to a local cemetery and help clean the graves of fallen soldiers. You'd be heartbroken to know that many of these graves are overgrown with dirty headstones. It should never be this way. 

Please don't just say Happy Memorial Day and think it's enough. 

Please remember the brave soldiers who never got to come home. 


  1. Memorial Day is not just the unoficial start to summer. It is so important to honor our soldiers and heroes who died for us and our country. Thanks for the reminder

  2. We celebrant our fallen heroes and appreciate their sacrifice, today and always!

  3. I definitely agree with you. It's best to always commemorate the reason behind the holidays such as Memorial Day. That gives more meaning to it.

  4. I get your point, it irks me also that some holidays are just celebrated but the people almost forgot what the celebration's about.

  5. Such an important day, we actually don't celebrate it here but we have something along that line tomorrow

  6. Yes, Memorial Day is first of all about soldiers and remembering those ones that died while they were defending their country.

  7. yes, 100% we need to remember and thank all of those who have made sacrifices to keep us all safe and free.

  8. We never go to the beach on Memorial Day. We did make trips before but they're all historical. Thank you to your grandpa for his service. -LYNNDEE

  9. aww thank you for this and I love the idea of cleaning up gravestones to keep remembering those who gave their life foru s.

  10. Aww I love this, Such a great idea to clean up!. hope you had a great weekend

  11. You said what is in my mind, it is day of remmebrance of those breave heros who gave ultimate sacrifice for the country.

  12. Thank you for the reminder as to WHY Memorial Day matters. It's sad that people forget the history, the cost of it.

  13. You have such a great perspective on this. I think people forget too often about the significance behind these holidays and it is good to have a reminder.


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