Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Saying Goodbye To Middle School

I have felt a pit in my stomach for several days now. It suddenly appeared and won't go away. I didn't understand why at first. Stress? Bad meat? Missing my deployed husband? Any of these would have made sense. But then my son casually asked, "Wow, can you believe Natalie will be finished with Middle School soon?"

And it hit me.

That was it. That was the cause of the pit in my stomach. 

I've never been the greatest with change which is hilarious since I married someone in the military. Change happens all the time. I should be used to it. But I'm not. Whenever change occurs I get uncomfortable and shifty. It's hard to focus. 

The pit in my stomach is because my daughter will be through with Middle School. 

I won't ever be in the car line again picking her up after her play practice. 

She won't ever be in another Middle School play. She only got to be in one thanks to Covid. She was supposed to be in another last year, but the pandemic ruined that in the middle of rehearsals. It wasn't even possible to start a play in 8th grade. 

She'll lose some of that Middle School gawkiness all Middle Schoolers seem to have. Oh sure, it might be there in High School, but it won't be like it was in Middle School. 

She won't ever attend a Middle School dance again with boys avoiding girls like the plague and girls giggling behind palms with their friends. Covid ruined most of the Middle School dances, by the way. I think she only went to one. 

I remember bringing Natalie to the Middle School as a Fifth Grader. They were able to learn about all the electives and I remember her awe. "There's so many choices," she had breathed, eyes wide. She gazed around the halls. "It's so big here."

I remember when she got her first schedule and compared it with her friends. There were shouts of glee when matching classes were discovered and groans when there weren't. I remember her in the car saying, "I'm going to really like Middle School," with a wide grin on her face. And you know what? She did, for the most part. Sure there was some drama now and again, but mostly her memories are pleasant ones. 

The other day Natalie sent me this text:

She says she's been walking the halls of the Middle School, taking it all in. She is shocked how fast time went. One minute she was a small, nervous sixth grader. Now she's about to say goodbye.

An era is ending. 

However, new adventures are around the corner. I know the pit in my stomach will dissipate with time. 

But for now? 

Now it's going to hurt a bit.


  1. I have one finishing middle school and one starting! Congrats to Natalie.

  2. Another milestone and many more to come. Enjoy this with her and try and keep the memories fresh.

  3. This hits me right in the feels! I have three kids, and they're all growing up WAY too fast!

  4. I remember this with my oldest, like it was yesterday. Before I know it my 12 year old will be starting high school too.

  5. I have a child heading to high school and I so agree that it goes by fast. They need to stay young.

  6. My daughter is starting middle school this fall. I can't believe it! I know the time is going to fly.

  7. What an end of an era! My little ones are still under 5 and I'm going to bawl at these moments!

  8. I'd definitely feel the same way when my two kids finish middle school. All those memories will come flashing in my head and would have me wishing that they didn't grow up too fast.

  9. Aww, My daughter was not ready to leave middle school. She was afraid to leave her friends behind. However, with some joining her in high school and then virtual school, she is loving freshman year.

  10. Moments like this could make us happy and sad at the same time, thanks for sharing yours.

  11. I can totally relate with how you feel! I just don't know why our children grow so fast lol

  12. Beautiful moments!My elder daughter has other two year in the middle school and I am so pleased for that!

  13. They sure do grow up fast. Mine just finished 6th and 4th grade. I'll soon have a 7th and 5th grader and I'm not ready for that at all.

  14. Well this just made me tear up. What an incredible milestone your “baby” has completed. I can absolutely feel that pit in your stomach. Change is always tough, but also the reality hits us mamas hard too. Big hugs to you. Also congrats for raising such a great kiddo!

  15. It sure does just fly by when they are this age! Congrats to your little one. My baby is going to be a senior in college


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