Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What To Pack For Walt Disney World

We'll be in Disney World next week and we cannot wait. We've been a number of times now, so I have the packing down. Sort of. I'm not the neatest packer, but I do remember most things that we need. 

Obviously I pack the necessities like IDs, credit cards, money, tickets, etc...

But what about the other things that you might not think of. Well, I have a list of what I always bring. 

To start with, we always bring Steve our Baby Yoda. And this time Steve has a few special clothing pieces. I also make sure we bring our NuiMos and shoulder friends. 

I also make sure to pack the following: 

--sunscreen (it can get hot. This is important. Make sure you reapply throughout the day.)

-bandaids (you might get blisters from all the walking!)

-ponchos/umbrellas (it will probably rain at least once while you are there)

-extra socks (in case you get drenched from the rain. No one likes wet socks.)

-extra shoes (same reason as above)

-small plastic storage bag (for taking food that might not be eaten to have later. Some places do have to go boxes, but I find bags are easier. For example, Natalie doesn't always eat all her nuggets so I put it in the bag and if she's hungry a few hours later, it's ready to go and easy to transport.)

-Plenty of underwear (I mean. Yes.)

-deodorant (I keep mine in my bag with me while at the parks. You will sweat a lot. Don't be the stinky tourist.)

--chafing cream (people can get what is known as the "disney rash" from walking a ton. Gold Bond can help with this. 

-various outfits (my daughter seems to think we're at Downton Abbey and wants to have one for each meal. No. But do have one per day because you will sweat.)

-ears/hats (we've bought them over the years and bring our favorites--you can also buy cheaper ones at Five Below!)

-chargers (very important since many people take tons of photos with their phones)

-portable battery (we're always using our phones so the battery goes fast. That's why I always have portable batteries. If you forever there are Fuel Rods in the park you can use for a fee)

-handheld fans (it will be hot so these come in handy if you feel overheated)

-favorite toiletries (lotions, soaps, will get some in your room, but if you have a specific cream, bring it.)

-snacks (you'll save money if you bring your own but we still buy a ton of snacks there. We bring our own mostly for when we're back in the room or on the plane.)

-water tumbler (you can get free water throughout the parks to refill your tumbler. I believe water fountains are available as well. Otherwise it's like $4 for a bottle of water.)

-masks (you still need to wear them on transportation and if you're traveling by airplane, you'll need them for the airport and on the plane)

We can't wait for our trip. DisneyWorld is truly one of our happy places. You can follow along with our adventures on my Instagram Stories

Are you a good packer? 


  1. I have never visited any Disney park, but when I do I will now be sure to pack correctly!!

  2. Since I live in the area and if you are coming soon be prepared for really hot humid days. It will more than likely rain every afternoon. Sunscreen, water and hats are a must. Have fun!

  3. I hope you have the most amazing time, I love Steve and that he always comes with you how fun is that!

  4. The snacks are a must. Disney food is very expensive but I do love the meal plan

  5. Just dreaming of going there someday but thanks for the list, it's helpful even for different travel destination.

  6. Scarlett BrooklynJuly 22, 2021 at 10:24 PM

    Thanks for the list, my niece got more excited when she saw Pikachu.

  7. These are all practical items to bring when traveling. We have most of these things, too.

  8. Loads of important items to pack. We always have bandaids as you never know if one of the kids will hurt themselves or end up with a blister. Thanks for the poncho tip!!!

  9. This is definitely a wise list. Extra socks are so important when you have kids.

  10. I LOVE the Chewbacca suitcase! Thanks for the rest of the tips.

  11. LOL the packable ponchos because we all know it will rain everyday at 2-3pm in Florida and the ponchos are like $20 a piece at Disney.

  12. Thank you for this! I plan on going to Disney World soon and I wasn't sure about what I should pack.

  13. omg that chewbacca luggage is amazing!!! i'd love to get coordinating set for my family, c3po and the whole gang!

  14. These are great list, love that chewbacca luggage .Yes these are important list espcially travelling with kids.

  15. This is a great roundup of everything to take to make your Walt Disney trip successful. Will be sharing this with new friends that are traveling there soon.

  16. Hope you are having a wonderful time!


Thanks for the comment!

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