Sunday, August 1, 2021

What It's Like To Get Your Hair Bleached

So. Natalie has been wanting to bleach her hair for a while. Yes, I'm aware it's not good for the hair. But you know, she's young, if she wants to experiment now is the time. However, I did tell her I'd only be paying for it once. Because it is NOT cheap. 

And it takes like 5 hours, so bring a book. 

It might have taken longer for Natalie because she did have color in her hair. So it had to be striped off. Here's what her hair looked like before. She had blues, pinks, and greens. 

It took a long time to get all the foil in. 

Then you had to wait a bit after the foil was in. 

After a shampoo and conditioner, toner was put in. I told Natalie she looked like one of those creepy children from a horror movie. I swear there was a group with hair like this. Were they aliens? 

Finally, FINALLY after another shampoo and conditioner she got a trim and we could LEAVE after many, MANY hours spent in the salon and many, MANY dollars spent. 

Again, I told Natalie I'm not paying for it again. 

She had to use the last of her money to get special shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair. 

Here's some questions I have been asked:

Does her hair feel gross?

No, actually, it's soft! This is because she bought proper (read: expensive) shampoo and conditioner. 

Does her hair still look good and not fried?


Did her scalp burn?

She says she barely felt it. 

Why would you allow your teen to damage her hair?

Well, it's her hair. If it falls out, she can deal. She knows the risk. And again, I told her I wouldn't be paying for this again so if she wants to spend the money, she can make the choice.

She is loving how her hair came out. And yes, Billie Eilish was her inspiration, but she actually had been looking at bleached hair BEFORE Billie did it. But after Billie did it, that cemented Natalie's choice. 

Have you ever bleached your hair? If so, do you have any hair products you recommend? 


  1. I used to bleach my hair when I was younger. I would use the at home kits

  2. I've never died my hair before, I love the way her hair turned out.

  3. I have colored my hair for years and have had no damage problems I think. She is so cute any color hair will look great on her.

  4. I’ve never bleached my hair before. I always wondered what the process was like.

  5. Okay FIRST I love it. So much. Second, I looooove love love how these styles are coming back in!!

  6. She looks great in any color. Glad she already get it done

  7. Her hair is bleached so great. I haven't tried doing bleach to mine.

  8. I know that movie with that group of creepy kids with bleached hair. I just couldn't recall the title. Anyway, Natalie's hair turned out pretty good.

  9. I think she looks great with this color. I really like it. My kids are wanting to dye their hair too. They're at the age where they really want to experiment with different colors.

  10. I used to work in a hair salon so I am very familiar with highlights and foils. I would recommend Shimmer Lights shampoo, it is purple, if you notice a yellow or brassy tone.

  11. My daughter really wants part of her hair to be purple but I know in order for the color to stick she'll need to bleach it first. I'm too nervous to try!

  12. I did this once.. Never again.. My daughter on the other hand has had great luck getting her hair bleached and recolored!

  13. It usually comes out nice. But I don't have the patience to spend that much time in the salon

  14. I just had something similar done to my hair with highlights, I love this look for summer so much.

  15. Bleaching is such a long process, but it looks like it turned out great!

  16. Wow, 5 hours. I haven't tried bleaching my hair. I do dye it once a year. -LYNNDEE

  17. wow! Bleaching is not for me for sure! It's too long and sophisticated. But I know that m daughters will love to make it.

  18. My bestie has recently bleached her hair. I never did as it won't look on my skintone. Natalie is rocking her new hair look 😍

    Everything Enchanting

  19. Sounds like a process. Definitely takes some process but worth it if you are willing to sit through it!

  20. She is really great and has patience to sit there for long for bleaching hair.

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