Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Unboxing The August Kawaii Box From Japan

It's always fantastic when something other than bills show up in the box. We always get excited when the Kawaii Box arrives because it is full of kawaii items from Japan. The theme for August is Kawaii School Essentials and we got a ton of cool stuff!

First off were these kawaii masks, which come in handy because school starts school and Natalie will be wearing a mask.

This Rilakkuma Pen will be perfect for heading back to school:

These sweet magic paper clips will come in handy. Plus they're pretty!

Natalie said the Pretty Cure Star Snacks were sweet and delicious.

The Sanrio Popsicle Pencil Case will hold all her new supplies!

If you make a mistake, it's okay, because this Yoichomaru Fuwa Friends Eraser can help!

The Sparkling Sanrio Deco Stickers can decorate notebooks:

This Pudgy Coroham Coron Case is too cute. You can put the paper clips in it or any other small items.

Finally, we loved this Magical Treats Notebook. It's beautiful!

You can buy you own box here. This would be a perfect gift for that person in your life that has everything or you are stumped on what to buy them. There are different subscription options--the 6 month one is the most popular at $29.90 a box. If you pay ahead for 12 months, the boxes are only $24.90 each. You can go here to figure out what subscription will work for you. 

What was your favorite thing this month? I love the Magical Treats Notebook because of the colors!


  1. I love your box openings. They are always so fun!

  2. Such cute items in that Kawaii box! I'm sure many students will love them!

  3. This box has so many cute pieces, my nieces would love something like this.

  4. Everything there is just so cute. Nice pencil case, that's a great subscription.

  5. Aaaw.. these stuffs are so cute, no wonder Natalie loves it so much.

  6. All these things bring me back to my childhood when my aunt bought me all things Sanrio.

  7. This kawaii box from Japan is absolutely a bunch of cute stuffs! I wish it comes in a purple version too!

  8. OMG so cute, the pencil case it adorable!

  9. I love the surprises brought by these subscription boxes. The items are all cute and usable.

  10. Omg these items are so cute!! such a fun box, I need one.

  11. What a fun box, it takes me back to the Hello Kitty store they had when I was a kid.

  12. Basically, unboxing a box of cuteness! Loving this subscription box.

  13. Such cute surprises. Love how colorful they all are. Like you, I'm loving the notebook. Fun box!


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