Sunday, August 15, 2021

Staying At The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The only reason why I got to experience the Grand Floridian is because of my son. How? Well, it was a Christmas gift to him from my parents. They let him pick which hotel he wanted to stay at when we went to Walt Disney World and he went for the Grand Floridian. He told me it was a "five star hotel" and let me know that we had never stayed in one before. This is true. Normally when we visit we're at a value or moderate hotel. Whatever is cheapest with the military discount. 

Anyway. As expected, the Grand Floridian is gorgeous. And there are perks. Monorail. Being able to walk to the Magic Kingdom. Potentially bumping into a wealthy celebrity. 

When we arrived, the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom were going off, and of course we could see them because we're RIGHT NEXT TO THE PARK,  so that made everything even more magical.

We were in the Sago Cay building:

We had a garden view room, but it seemed to look out more into the lagoon. We couldn't see the castle from our room because if you want that, you pay more for a theme park view. But I still enjoyed seeing the monorail go by.

Mind you, we arrived at night, so these photos were all taken the next morning. I totally got us lost at first because I cannot read maps. But we eventually found our room, and it was in a good location. Here was our building lobby:

We were on the 4th floor down the hall. It was a wonderful location. We heard NO noise. And each time we stepped into the lobby, we marveled that we were there. I mean, we aren't 5 star people. We find farts funny. I still don't understand how to invest properly and I wear clothes that I've had for 10 years. 

Our room was incredible. There were 2 queen beds, and they were comfy.

The room sleeps 5 people. The couch could turn into a bed if need be.

There were two sinks which works out, because my teenage daughter surrounds her side with product. This way my son and I can get ready quickly on our side. I am not as girly as she is so I have barely any product. 

There was nothing terribly fancy about the bathroom. But I loved how the hot water was HOT. I like a scalding hot shower. The kind that turns my skin red. 

When we sat in this chair, we felt fancy.

There was a desk with lots of outlets. In fact, there were plenty of outlets all around to charge electronics and phones. Also there was a Keurig machine! I don't drink coffee, but it would be perfect for those who do. And yup, check out that hidden Mickey on the chair. 

Also, there were ROBES. I don't think we've ever been in a hotel where there have been robes. It was soft. 

And yes, there were chairs so you could relax on the balcony.

We were right by the Gaspirilla Grill, which is the quick serve dining spot. This is where I could get my Diet Coke so I loved being nearby. 

We were also by the main lobby, which is gorgeous. We marveled at how stunning it was. 

We wondered if this was the piano that John Stamos played on in the Full House Disney episodes.

The details are incredible.

We're obsessed with the stairs. Also in the Full House episode this is where DJ shouted "Steve?" We might have reenacted that scene. As I said, we don't behave like 5 star hotel people. Some guests raised eyebrows at us as we shouted "Steve?"

Oh, and you can watch the fireworks from the hotel because the castle is RIGHT THERE.  Yes, you can also hear the Happily Ever After soundtrack perfectly because there are speakers. 

The pool was fantastic. My kids loved the slide.

It was an absolute dream to stay there. Maybe one day we'll get to go again. Because it truly was magical and we have only the most amazing memories. 


  1. Wow, what a great experience. I would love to stay in a Monorail hotel! Also I love that Mickey Mouse bathing suit!

  2. That is a fancy hotel. While I have stayed at a couple fancy hotels, I too dont feel like I fit in.

  3. This looks like such an amazing place to stay, thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Your hotel looks like such a fun cozy place to visit. I love all the balcony's on each level!

  5. Richelle Escat MilarAugust 16, 2021 at 5:56 PM

    Wow! What I also like about the hotel is the cozy look and the balcony's view! I'm imagining myself from there watching the fireworks and beautiful views at night.

  6. Wow, the place is so nice, indeed. It's such a great experience to stay here

  7. Having multiple outlets nd a cozy balcony matters to me a lot when it comes to hotels. That place is a really great choice.

  8. Looks like y'all had a great time. It looks amazing. We're looking forward to visiting one day.

  9. The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa looks so beautiful. It looks like something from a fairytale book.

  10. This Grand Floridian Resort looks like another great place to stay, I bet you and your kids really enjoyed there!

  11. Looks like a really great experience that was beautifully captured. Its such a refreshing place

  12. The Grand Floridian is on my bucket list for Disney World stays. Looks so luxurious!

  13. What a charming resort to stay at! That staircase is GRAND indeed!

  14. Aw, man, this looks amazing! The lagoon view is lovely and I adore the Minnie bathing suit, btw!

  15. It looks beautiful and I'd love to get to go one day!

  16. That lobby is stunning indeed. And the view from your room is beautiful. I would love to stay there! -LYNNDEE


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