Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How To Build A Lightsaber At Disney World

Have you ever wanted to build a lightsaber at Disney World? And not one of those toy ones, but a realistic one? Well, you can at Savi's Workshop located in Galaxy's Edge. 


First, you are able to check in 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Then you are led to the cash registers to pay. And let me tell you, I nearly fell over at the total because each lightsaber is $230. And I got two. But. I knew this would be the ONLY time it would happen and we appreciate Star Wars. Do we appreciate it nearly $500 worth? I'd say yes but my credit card is all, "Really, woman?" Also, I did know it would be pricey, which is why I started saving months in advance for it. 

Anyway. When you pay they're cute about it too and are like, "That'll be 460 credits." Maybe to help you forget that you're practically making a car payment. When you pay you tell them what lightsaber you want. Here are the choices:

You are given pins that you can keep so the builder helpers inside know what parts you'll need. 

Tommy went for Power & Control. He's all about the Dark Side. Should I be concerned? 

Natalie went with elemental nature, which makes sense because she loves the outdoors. 

You are given a colored card to show which group you are apart of. You cannot keep this though you should be able to for the cost of the lightsabers. I should be able to be all, "And I'm taking everything I'm handed to me home. Thanks!" Not that I know what I'd even do with the card. Maybe bring it out of my purse and confuse people? I don't know.

We only waited about 15 minutes before we were called back into the room. It's pretty cool:

There's someone who gives a nice speech on what lightsabers mean. After that, you pick the stone you want. Tommy went for the red of course because, you know, power and control. Yikes. 

Then the parts are set out in front of you based on what you picked. Don't worry if you're confused, there are people around to help.

After everything is put together you are asked to grasp your lightsaber and there's another lovely speech. Yoda is even heard! Yoda! 

Before you know it, you're asked to lift your lightsabers proudly in the air. 

We were finished in about 25 minutes and yes, you are given bags to hold your lightsaber. 

I highly recommend making the appointment in the evening so you can get some cool shots. When we finished, the park had closed so we could get some photos without a dozen people around. Oh, and these lightsabers aren't the cheap plastic ones. These are quality made and a bit heavy! Or maybe I'm just weak. But I tried to lift it and I was like, "My arm!" and my daughter was all, "You're being dramatic." If you want a work out, get a lightsaber! They should start a lightsaber exercise class. "Lift your lightsabers, and one two three, one two three.."

Helpful hints:

Book your appointment 60 days in advance. They fill up fast. To do this, type in Savi's Workshop on the app and days will pop up. Unlike the dining reservations, you can do this one at Midnight EST. 

Make your appointment for the evening so you can get some great photos with the lightsaber. Also, you don't want to have to carry it around all day.

Don't worry if you're flying home. They fit in the overhead bins and go through security without any issues.  

If you decide you don't like your lightsaber color, you can change them out. You can purchase kyber crystals at Galaxy's Edge. I checked and even Amazon has them!

I'm told if your lightsaber stops working, you can contact Disney and they will replace the broken part without any charge, but I haven't experienced this yet. 

Oh, and you might be wondering if they are worth it. Are they still played with at home? Well? 

They are! My kids will have random lightsaber fights and I'll be all, "It's bedtime" and the lightsabers are all "woooammm wooooammm wooammm" because the sounds are pretty realistic.  You can get special holders for them if you want to display on the wall from Amazon or Etsy. Would I recommend this? Yes! Is it expensive? Yes! 

But if you love Star Wars like we do, it is worth it. 


  1. My son is 40 years old be he would love doing this. He is a Star Wars lover.

  2. I would love to visit! I love Star Wars and used to have a light saber, haha.

  3. This sounds like such a fun experience, my other half is a huge Star Wars fan so I am sure this is something he would love to experience.

  4. I am not a big Star Wars fan but this looks like real fun for the fans. I will show this to all the light saber aficionados.

  5. My boys would love making this. They are huge into star wars and would have so much fun with the lights.

  6. Tommy and Natalie look like they enjoyed making their lightsabers. But I am kinda worried Tommy will fall for the dark side and see him fight his sister, just like the Solo twins fought in the star wars legends books. Still, i am glad they had a wonderful expefience with their cool mom

  7. Wow, that's really cool. But I can't imagine myself buying all these stuff. It's just too expensive.

  8. Yes! I want the actual thing, so this is something that I also want to experience. It's so much fun!

  9. This is really neat. I bet my kids would love to do this too. We have never been to Disney yet.

  10. OMG, that is pretty amazing. I know my girls and son would love to do that. I didn't know they did that there.

  11. That sounds like such a fun experience! I haven't been to Disney World in a while; maybe it's time to go back?!

  12. I'll have to tell my sister about this, she loves Star Wars and Disney.

  13. What a neat experience. I've never heard of this before and it would definitely be a highlight of visiting Disney.

  14. We are huge Disney fans and we would love to try this. I have our next adventure planned, thanks!

  15. This is so cool! Looks like you guys had so much fun!


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