Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen At The Rim Review

I love pizza. I eat it often. At least one per week. So when I found out there was a coal burning pizza place nearby called Russo's Coal Fired Italian Kitchen, I knew I wanted to go. My husband and I decided to head there for lunch.

It's located at The Rim in San Antonio, Texas. We got there right when it opened at 11, so there was no wait. It's a nice set up inside. Cozy.

You also get to see the pizza being made.

Of course I had to order a Diet Coke. I am always thrilled when places have Coke products. When I ask for a Diet Coke and the reply is, "Is Diet Pepsi okay?" I always want to answer, "Ew, no." (I do, however, request Diet Dr. Pepper in that situation, but sometimes they don't have it. In which case I just get a regular Dr. Pepper.)

We were given some delicious olive oil dip for our pizza. 

Tom got the Hawaiian pizza and enjoyed it:

I got the margherita pizza and it was superb. 

We both had leftovers for lunch the next day, and it tasted just as incredible.

If you're in the area, I highly suggest stopping by. You can learn more and check out the menu here. There are lots of locations around the US!


  1. I love oil and spices to dip bread in. And PIZZA!!!!!! Sounds like my kind of place.

  2. That pizza looks so good. This is a place that I need to check out

  3. aaaaaahhhhh omg this looks so dastardly delectable yum.
    thanks for the tips and tricks shared.

  4. This restaurant looks amazing. I love coal fired pizza. Would love to check this out for myself.

  5. That looks like a good place and that pizza looks really delicious!

  6. That looks like a really great restaurant, that pizza looks really amazing I love to try it!

  7. We love pizza! This is such a great place to hang out, love how cozy the place is!

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