Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Teen Freaks Out Over The Billie Eilish Perfume

Natalie reminded me the night before that Billie Eilish's FIRST EVER perfume called Eilish was releasing at 9 AM PST the next day and it was a BIG DEAL because it was her FIRST EVER perfume. I was all, fantastic, I don't even know if you're going to get it. You have like fifty cents to your name so you can't afford it. She said fine, but in case I WAS going to get it for her for Christmas, that it was releasing at 9 AM PST SHARP and would probably sell out fast. 


So the next day I was out with my husband on brunch date. Natalie texts "In case you were getting me the perfume, it's about to be released," as I'm trying to shovel eggs into my mouth.

Followed by, "One minute until release."

Mind you, she's in school at this time so I replied, "Do you school work," and she was like, "I am in between reminding you about the perfume."

I was about to crunch down on bacon and I get the text "IT'S LIVE IT'S LIVE IT'S LIVE!"

I wish she were this diligent about learning Algebra, seriously.

My husband was all, "What's going on with your phone?" because it kept going off like every two seconds.

I swallowed my bacon. "Oh. Yeah. Billie's perfume just released and your daughter is having a meltdown. Should I get it for her?"

Tom, who doesn't know much about perfume or Billie Eilish, shrugged. "I guess?"

"IT'S LIVE!" beeped my phone again. 

I went over to the site and got this:

So Natalie was serious when she mentioned it would be a BIG DEAL. I wasn't sure if I would even get it. But eventually I was released from the virtual line and it went through. Apparently the perfume sold out within the hour.


"Yes, thank you, I'm eating," I texted back. I mean, seriously. Can't a girl nosh in peace? Damn.

Then she fell silent because her teacher might have noticed her on the phone and reminded her that a perfume was not more important than schoolwork even if she thought so. 

I have a problem waiting to give people gifts so when the perfume arrived I totally told Natalie. She screeched with excitement and hugged the box. She's like me when someone offers to cook dinner. 

So what does the Billie Eilish perfume look like? 

It is pretty. And it's vegan, cruelty and paraben free. Billie is vegan. Natalie thought for like .2 seconds about going vegan but then she realized she'd have to give up bacon and changed her mind. 

Oh, and if boobs offend you, the perfume is not for you. I don't know why boobs would offend anyone, but there are people who clutch their pearls if you so much as show side boob. I imagine this bottle might be a hit with teen boys though.

What does it SMELL like?

Natalie says an expensive cupcake and I agree. It's sweet. But not cheap tween perfume cheap. You know, the kind you find at Five Below? It's not like that at all. This is a pleasant, calming scent. 

Would she recommend it? Yes, of course, she'd recommend buying a scribble Billie created. She's biased so she's not the best person to ask. Everything Billie creates is magic in her eyes. Buy it. 

If you have a Billie Eilish fan, yes, get this. But it sells out fast. It was released again this week and was gone quickly. It will probably be released in the future. Check out the Eilish site here to learn more about it. Also follow the Eilish Instagram account for updates. International people will be able to get it in the Spring! 

I get the excitement, I was obsessed with JTT as a teen and if he had released a perfume, I'd have bought it. I'm not sure why he would have, but you know, I'd have still wanted it because JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS collaborated to created it. I also liked New Kids On The Block, though I felt I had more of an infatuation with JTT. I had a friend who had NKOTB everything: sheets, clothes, dolls, you name it, she had it. Natalie seems to be following in her footsteps. She has clothes, blankets, jewelry, and if there were a doll, she'd want it. Though she does have a body pillow case with Billie's face. So that's close. 

Who were you obsessed with as a teen? 


  1. That bottle reminds me of the commercial with the guy driving the car with a head oranament shaped like this. It sounds like a nice perfume

  2. What a cool bottle. That girl is certainly successful.

  3. That is such a neat bottle. I love that! I may have to check in to this myself. My daughters and I love Billie Eilish too.

  4. I really is a fun bottle for perfume. Like a roman statue.

  5. Nice bottle! Gotta check this out for Christmas,

  6. Loved reading this!! the bottle is seriously beautiful and the way you described the scent, it seems amazing!

  7. Oh i love this! so awesome you were able to get one. the scent sounds amazing!!!

  8. I love the warm, and cozy scent. It feels like "home no matter where you are."

  9. What a unique bottle of perfume! How is the scent, strong, mild, soft etc.?

  10. I love your daughter. lol lol She knows what she wants and wont give up! Great for her future adult self, even if it does drive mama crazy sometimes! :)

  11. The bottle design is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to get your daughter the perfume she wanted so much.

  12. I bet my daughter would enjoy this perfume as well. That is fun that you were able to snag one!

  13. I'm glad you were able to get the perfume for Natalie! I think Billie Eilish is pretty great, and I'm all for cruelty-free products. I like the bottle too.

  14. That was a really nice looking bottle! It look so perfect and classy! I love it!

  15. Interesting bottle. I love it!! I bet my grand daughters would love this

  16. Im not a huge fan of perfume because most of it sets off my allergies. I don't remember being obsessed with a particular artist, singer, or even a theme. I guess I was a boring kid. Just give me my roller skates and soccer and I was happy. :)

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