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Bubba Gump On The Riverwalk In San Antonio Review

 Who loves Forrest Gump? I do! The movie always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I mean, yes, there are some sad parts, but mostly it's sweet. 

There's a restaurant called Bubba Gump based on the company in the movie between Forrest and Bubba. It's a chain so there are several locations. One is located on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It's a nice set up inside and yes, there are outdoor tables as well if you want to sit by the river.

Oh and yes, Forrest Gump is playing. Constantly. I've seen the movie so many times so I knew a lot of the lines. 

The menu is full of seafood dishes of course, but if you don't like seafood like me there are other options. There is also lots of booze available but we didn't get any of those drinks. (Also, they need Coke products. They only had Pepsi which is okay if Dr. Pepper is offered but there is NO DR. PEPPER either. It's like, what? Forrest would be pissed. He loved Dr. Pepper.)

If your table is comfortable and doesn't need help, you put up this sign:

If you need help, like refills or anything else, put this sign up:

Of course there's a store with Forrest Gump merchandise. I loved these shirts:

I always randomly quote "Lt Dan, ice creammm..."

I ordered the Ping Pong Chicken Pasta and I'll be honest, there wasn't much flavor to it. The garlic bread had more flavor. I wouldn't get this again. They had a Fried Chicken dish that I'd order that if we went again.

My mom got the coconut shrimp and liked them:

Natalie got the Popcorn Shrimp kids meal since she eats like a bird. The kids meals come in a cute Jenny boat:

Tommy got the Shrimp Po Boy and thought it was delicious. It's hard to take photos of his food since he digs right in:

We decided on the dessert and got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae which was amazing:

It was Natalie's birthday when we went and they brought out this festive ice cream sandwich:

Near the restaurant is a pretty photo spot that isn't too crowded so I recommend taking photos. You take the stairs and there's a bridge. 

For the most part we had a good experience at Bubba Gump. Our waitress was friendly and the service was smooth. We'll probably be back since we usually eat there before seeing a show at the Majestic Theater nearby. 

Have you ever been to a Bubba Gump restaurant? 


  1. Ive been to a Bubba Gump one time and just loved it. We went to Savannah a while back and was looking forward to going there, but it was closed down.

  2. Bubba Gump is one of my favorite restaurants of all time! I went to the one at Navy Pier when I was in Chicago. It's so good.

  3. I have never been to Bubbas but now I want to go. It sounds delicious.

  4. Wow. their food looks so delicious. I will have to visit this restaurant.

  5. I have actually seen this place before, but I've never been in there. Now I really want to go. Next time I'm in the area with one I'll be going. Seems like a great restaurant.

  6. I loved Forrest Gump, and the restaurant Bubba Gump really seems to revive the memories of the classic movie. And the food looks great too.

  7. The food did sound good but your dish did look like it wasn't much to be desired. (lol). Your Mom's looked very good.
    The dessert looked way too good, like I would like to create it right now. Thank you for an honest review.

  8. The food there sounds great. I would love to go there myself. That coconut shrimp and cookie sundae would keep me happy.

  9. Hi Amber. I have never visited the River Walk, and it's on my list. I am seeing a road trip to Texas in the near future and will keep this restaurant in my back pocket. Lt. Dan! You got legs! :)

  10. This looks like such a beautiful destination. I would love to visit some day

  11. The food looks so tasty!! Your kids looks leek they had such a great time! happy weekend

  12. My brother just visited San Antonio and raved about the River Walk. After reading your post I want to visit there for sure.

  13. Well that seems like an oversight if they don't serve Dr Pepper! But the rest of the food sounds amazing.

  14. I think it's a wonderful idea to spend some time in an atmosphere like that. I have so many beautiful memories with that movie.

  15. What a sweet place to eat! No Dr Pepper though!

  16. I've never been to a Bubba Gump restaurant but would if I went somewhere that had one. How cute that the kids' meals come in a boat. It's been a while since I've come across your blog...Dang, your son has grown up!


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