Sunday, April 3, 2022

8 Reasons Why Gilmore Girls Is One Of My Favorite Shows

I started watching Gilmore Girls BEFORE I had kids.

I immediately fell in love with the show.

I watched Lorelai Gilmore and thought, "THAT'S the kind of mother I want to be."

For those who don't know, it's basically about Lorelai and how she raises her daughter Rory. Oh, and she had her at 16. So maybe Rory sort of raises Lorelai too. They live in a small town called Stars Hollow. All sorts of amusing people live there. (Kirk! Luke! Miss Patty! Mrs. Kim!)

So why is the show one of my favorites?

Let me count the reasons. (Oh, and this is the Gilmore Girls line from Ulta Beauty.)

1. Lorelai and her daughter Rory are not morning people. Me either. I've written about it before. Many times.

2. Rory loves books. And she sniffs books. Me too. I have a photo on my Instagram where I'm sniffing a book. Books are the best. 

3.  Lorelai understands the importance of caffeine. She loves coffee. I love Diet Coke. If we go without it, we aren't happy people.

4. Like Lorelai, I think I confuse my mother sometimes. She probably doesn't understand how someone who could be raised on fruits and vegetables and very little soda could now stuff her face with junk food and need Diet Coke in order to stay nice.

5. Mrs. Kim never fails to make me laugh. I'm grateful my parents weren't as overprotective as Mrs. Kim.

6.  There are so many awesome lines in the show. I actually say this one often. ("Oy with the poodles already!")  I know you're my kind of person if you get the reference. Some people go ?!! when I say it. But some are like, "I love Gilmore Girls too!" and I know we'll be friends forever.

7.  Lorelai is a fantastic mother. 

8. I watch the show with my daughter now. I mean, she grew up with it in the background many times but when she got in high school she became interested. Now she's obsessed! 

If you want to watch Gilmore Girls it's on WETv in the evenings and all the seasons are on Netflix.  

Do you like Gilmore Girls? 


  1. I used to watch it when Gabbie was a baby and she loved the theme song! Now she's watched it too.

  2. I was just talking about this show with my sister in law on Saturday! I was always impressed by the amount of dialog each actor had to remember. It was lengthy!

    Katie C

  3. Oh gosh, this is one of my favorite shows too �� My mom and I always said we were like Rory and Lorelai, haha!

  4. I love this show too! I love the banter between Lorelai and Rory and I also like the small town community!

  5. I had no idea they had a collection at Ulta Beauty.

  6. I have not seen this show. Now that I have Netflix, I should check it out

  7. I love Gilmore Girls too! I never realized how much I had in common with them until I read this post.

  8. Somehow I never watched this show, but I have heard good things about it. I need to check it out.

  9. It's one of my favorites, too! I always love the punchy lines and I love all the references to music/bands!

  10. I haven't watched the show but after reading these reasons I am so interested now �� I'll check it out!

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  11. Would you believe I've not yet seen the Gilmore Girls. I might try watching it with my girls too.

  12. I love the show too! Such a fun a relatable show. They don't make them like that anymore.

  13. I've never watched Gilmore Girls before - but now I'm intrigued! Seems like I can definitely relate to the characters!

  14. I've watched it some time ago. I liked it a lot. I should re-watch with my daughter too!

  15. I'm a fan of the show too. I just love Lorelai. She talks so fast. LOL. -LYNNDEE

  16. I haven't watched Gilmore Girls, but I have heard a lot of great things about it. I am inspired to check it out!


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