Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Riding The New Tidal Surge At Sea World San Antonio

I am a wimp.

I do not go on fast rides. I did before I was pregnant. Then I got pregnant and my insides must've gotten all messed up because I found I couldn't handle fast rides anymore. 

My son will go on some but he's also wary of heights and fast speeds. But my daughter? She'll basically go on anything. So she was excited to hear that Tidal Surge at Sea World was opening up.

Tidal Surge is basically a giant swing that goes 68 mph and gets up to 135 feet. That's a hard pass for me. I don't do heights either. 

Before she went on it, Natalie checked out the ride in action. I asked if she still wanted to do it and she was all, "YES!"

We walked to the ride and Natalie was excited to get on.

When it was her turn she boldly took her seat and then seemed to be like "holy crap, this is happening!"

And then the ride started:

When it was over I asked if she liked it and she said she LOVED it and can't wait to ride again. So if you like a crazy swing, this is the ride for you.

While we were there, she also went on other rides. This one takes you high, but not as high as Tidal Surge. 

She also loves Steel Eel and had to jump on that:

On the way out the Sesame Street characters were out in their Mardi Gras attire so the kids had to go say hi. They're always the oldest ones in line but it seems like the characters enjoy seeing older people who won't tug on their costumes. 

We had an exciting day and will be back soon for the Seven Seas Food Festival. We love to eat! 

Do you like fast rides?


  1. I love rides, but I think I will sit back and watch everyone else.

  2. I am so beyond impressed that your daughter went on this ride, she deserves any crappy treat from the amusement part that she wants after that one!

  3. I loved fast rides when I was a teenager, it's honestly been such a long time since I've been on one.

  4. It looks insane, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do it XD

  5. I think when I was younger I handled the rides better than as I have gotten older. It looks like it was a fun time for you!

  6. I cant imagine myself in that thing! Brave souls! Maybe when I was a a few years younger i would line up :)

  7. I just can't. These rides hold no appeal to me any more. My daughter seems to like them though, which amazes me!

  8. This ride is not for me for sure! But I am glad she enjoyed it!

  9. I love rides! This looks like fun!!

  10. I used to love to ride the rides. I never thought the day would come when I would prefer to watch rather than ride, but that day is here. :)

  11. Your daughter is so brave. I can't go on rides since becoming a mum. I can't stand spinning or anything like that!

  12. Wow Natalie, great job sweetie! <3 I don't go on fast rides too! My husband and I both are not adventure freak at all :D

    Everything Enchanting <3


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