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Pinkerton's Barbecue In Downtown San Antonio Review

Living in Texas there are tons of BBQ places. But which ones are actually good? My husband and I decided to try Pinkerton's Barbecue, which is located downtown. The original location was in Houston. Parking is free. You just need to tell them where you parked and they'll give you a paper with a barcode on it. 

There is lots of outdoor seating and it's a cozy area. 

Ordering is easy. You head inside and get your sides first, then your meats. 

For sides there is: jalapeno cheese rice, potato salad, tangy coleslaw, south Texas beans, rosemary bacon mac & cheese, plus duck & sausage jambalaya

For meats there is: brisket, beef ribs, glazed pork ribs, dry rub pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, regular sausage, jalapeno sausage, jalapeno cheese sausage link, and a boudin link.

If you want meat sandwiches, there are brisket, man bear pig, chopped pork, and sausage or turkey. 

We opted for 1/2 a pound of brisket, a pound of sausage, potato salad, coleslaw, and the rosemary bacon mac & cheese. You also get complimentary onions, pickles, and jalapenos. You can also get slices of bread but we didn't need it. 

As I mentioned, there's tons of outdoor seating. There's also indoor seating with a bunch of long tables. We went right when it opened so there wasn't a lot of people. But sometimes you might be joined by another family, which is fine with us. 

Also, if you're a fan of Coke products as I am, you're in luck, they have them! Plus teas. 

If you want something stronger, they also have a full bar:

Oh, at every table is the Pinkerton's Barbecue Original sauce, and my husband was obsessed with it. He said the sauce made the meats:

So what did we think of what we ordered! The brisket was on point with seasoning. Tender and delicious, I wish we had gotten more. The sausage was your basic sausage. I didn't think it was anything extraordinary but my husband was a huge fan. He poured the barbecue sauce all over it. The potato salad tasted like the kind you find packaged in a grocery store. The coleslaw was lacking much flavor--it was basically just a bunch of cabbage with mayo. I still liked it, but I wish there was more to it. However, the cabbage was incredibly fresh and you could tell. I'd probably still order it again. The mac and cheese was tasty--my husband devoured it. 

We'll have to come back to try the other meats and sides. 

I did go back and try desserts. They have a bread pudding, a blueberry cobbler, and banana pudding. 

The banana pudding was fantastic. On the bottom were Nilla wafers and swirled on top was whipped cream. I'd get this again.

The blueberry cobbler had a nice flavor, but it was a bit dry. I still enjoyed it, but if I had to pick a dessert it would be the banana pudding. We didn't try the bread pudding as we were growing full. Next time!

Would we return? Well, as noted above, yes. My husband wants more of the sauce. I'd probably do the brisket again as well as the jalapeno cheese sausage. He'd go for the regular sausage again and perhaps some of the ribs. 

If you're in the San Antonio area (or in Houston!), check out Pinkerton's Barbecue. They are open every day except for Monday from 11-9. Some nights they stay open until 10. 

Do you enjoy barbecue? 


  1. I am missing everything here! Reminding me of our previous foreign trips! I miss it badly because of your photos! The sausage, the potato salads, even the soda vending machine!

  2. Pinkerton's sounds like a great place. I love the vibe, and the food looks amazing.

  3. My husband would love this place. He loves bbq meats.

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  5. Wow! These foods looks absolutely delicious and tasty I would really love to try all of these!

  6. This is a really great and wonderful place to visit! I love to try those good looking foods!

  7. Looks like an amazing place. The food looks so good. I know where to go if I'm ever in the area. I love being able to check out great restaurants like this.

  8. Wow! You had me at brisket! I love all BBQ food and this food looks amazing! I will have to check it out if I am in the area!

  9. This food looks so good. I don't think we have a Pinkerton's BBQ in our area. I'll have to try it if I ever come to San Antonio in the future.

  10. I'm glad the brisket was good! I love barbeque sauce, it is all I put on my burgers (even the veggie ones.)

  11. I love the atmosphere. It's rustic and I would feel like to a real bbq party.

  12. So happy to find you are still blogging. I miss TX bbq, it's the best.

  13. I really love the ambiance of the place and the food looks really delicious as well. Great place to visit indeed!

  14. Looks delish! I have never had banana creme pudding before, and I've never seen it on a menu. Nice to see something different.

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