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Galactic Starcruiser Adventures Day 1

Before you arrive at the Galactic Starcruiser, you can decide who you want to be on the ship. A rebel? First Order? A scoundrel? Or you can play different sides. The possibilities are endless, really. I knew I wanted to be in the rebellion. My son went First Order. My Mom opted to play different sides. 

But let me back up. 

You can arrive at the Galactic Starcruiser at 1. They do not like you to arrive prior to that. I believe if you do arrive before 1 that you're either held at the gate OR you can start waiting in the line to get in at the entrance. But I'm not completely positive because we did not arrive until nearly 2. They time they'd like to arrive is between 1-4 but I would recommend as close to 1 as possible. 

So we took the Sunshine Flyer from the airport to the Galactic Starcruiser. They dropped us off and immediately we were greeted and handed water. All the people in blue are cast members who are there to help. Do not be afraid to ask for it. You paid a lot for this vacation and that is what they are there for. 

We were also given special magic bands and asked if we had the Disney Play app ready to go. (We did!) The Disney Play app is how you communicate with people on the ship and see your itinerary. 

Oh, and yes, you can already be dressed up at this point. Many people were. 

Then we had to wait in line to get through security. This is what took a bit. I completely understand the importance of being safe, but I wished this were a speedier process. However, the line is in the shade, so that was a plus due to it being hot. 

After getting through security you watch a safety video and then you're brought to a pod that will take you up to the ship.

(Spoiler: you're not really going up to a ship. But you THINK you are. The small kids believed it.)

You walk into the atrium, which is the main room where everything happens and are greeted again. Then you are led to your room, which I will get more into for the next post. I found this waiting on the bed. The adventures you have while on board is up to you. If you want to answer the texts sent by various characters on the ship, it is up to you. For me, whenever Lt Croy from the First Order asked me to do something, I flat out would give him a no answer and he stopped communicating with me. So you need to be sure you are responding if you so wish! Some people didn't bother with any of that and just did the activities and hung out in the bar. That is perfectly okay. 

We had the basic room which consisted of 1 queen bed and a bunk bed so it slept 4 total. 

You do not have a long time to get situated because lunch is served in the Crown of Corellia dining room. It's a buffet and the food is intriguing. 

Did we like the food? Yes! Some tasted odd but most plates were delicious.

On the Disney Play app is your itinerary, which is why they make sure you have it. It'll show your schedule of events. Here was one of ours:

If something doesn't work for you, however, you can ask a worker and they will fix it if they are able to. We were fine with our schedule so we kept it. 

The evenings consists of shows in the atrium. On the first night we met the Cruise Coordinator, the Captain, Sammie the engineer, plus other characters. 

After a little bit of drama from the characters, we had a toast. 

After that, you can go help the characters who are texting you. They will sometimes give you codes to unlock rooms. You'll see these around the ship and you scan in with your magic band and follow the instructions. Are they confusing at times? Yes. But we eventually figured it all out.

We ended up getting a message from Raithe, a character on the ship to go to the engineering room. We hadn't a clue what to do in the engineering room, but we went and some other fun went down. There are machines to scan into with your magic band and will give instructions on how to help the rebels. 

But watch the time! In between all the activities, you still have a dinner time. There is a 530 or 730 dinner. You get to pick which one you want when you book. We opted for the 530 time as we're used to having dinner early. I'm not sure if there are benefits to either time. During each, things are going on in the ship so you will miss things. 

Dinner consists of music from Gaya and her friends. Plus you get cool looking food again.

You can get more of anything at dinner. We loved that salad and kept asking for more. 

The food keeps coming. As I mentioned before, you will not ever be hungry on this ship.

The music is fantastic. At one point everyone is invited up to dance. 

In the middle of dancing, Chewbacca walks in. He's hiding from the First Order and the dancing is to help distract the First Order from grabbing him.

Dessert is delicious as well. 

Mom tried this coffee martini and said it was tasty. 

And to finish off the dinner, we got chocolates! I'm telling you, the food keeps coming.

Before we left, our waitress slipped us a secret note. We had to find the other pieces from the tables around us.

After we ate, it was back to the missions. We were asked to help distract the First Order, so we would talk with Stormtroopers. They kept asking if we were spies. Of course not. 

We also had Bridge Training in the evening, and this is when you learn to steer the ship and defend it.

I thought Bridge Training was fun. I love being able to push buttons. You get to go to different stations. 

I just pushed a bunch of buttons and hoped for the best. 

During all of this, characters we had been helping came in. One that helped a ton was Sammie, the engineer. He'd send texts and we'd do different things to help him out. Natalie had a gigantic crush on Sammie so she was like, "whatever you need from me, Sammie."

We helped Chewbacca throughout the ship at one point. We were dodging the First Order. 

At the end of the night, we got a letter telling us they were aware the First Order was on board and that they were sorry. 

I just love how everyone stays in character. This truly is a unique experience. And it was only Day 1. 

What would Day 2 consist of? Stay tuned. 


  1. Definitely seems like an amazing experience for Star Wars fans!

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  15. It looks really cool, but the cost was just too high. I heard they are already closing it! In my opinion it would've been better if they had made it a themed hotel.

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