Tuesday, August 16, 2022

How To Get Rid Of Solicitors

Ah, solicitors. They always seem to ring the doorbell right as you're about to sit down to eat. Right when you're about to start a TV show. After you've put the kid down for a nap.

I fully respect that it's their job. But they can come across as irritating and when they still knock on the door even if you have a no soliciting sign? It's downright aggravating and borderline rude. So here are ways you can get rid of them.

1. Get a sign. I have this one, plus the other above. You can purchase these on Etsy. Some people even have what look like plaques screwed in right beside their front door that have NO SOLICITING across them. Granted, most companies admit that they ignore these signs and will knock anyway which is a poor sales tactic. To me it shows they don't respect or follow rules, so why on earth would anyone want to purchase anything from that company?

2. Pretend you speak another language. One lady wouldn't stop talking about how she wanted to clean my mattress. "Did you know Beth down the street with a newborn? She let me clean her mattress." This is a tactic they use to try and seem personable. There's no Beth down the street. I just started randomly making noises, and she got the hint and backed away like I was the crazy one even though SHE'S the one who lied. Beth down the street with a newborn? *Snorts*

3. Remind them to respect the no soliciting sign if they ignore it. I've had to do this multiple times. I'm polite about it. "Hey, I have a no soliciting sign," and I'll point it out. Most get the hint and leave. One man tried to argue with me. "But ma'am, we have this fantastic lawn service." I was like, "Sir, I have this fantastic lawn service too. My husband."

4. Start doing weird things to freak them out. Like this:

5. If they tell their lies about "Beth down the street with a newborn" be like, "No, I don't know Beth, but did you know Burt who lives UP the street who has five cats? Maybe go clean his mattress." I mean. A lie for a lie. It's only fair.

How do you get rid of solicitors? Or do you like them? Some people do! Me, I'll continue doing one of the above suggestions in hopes that I become the house with the crazy lady to avoid.


  1. This are quite good tactics. Hope they work for me as I wake up every weekend hearing a guy in a pick up truck shouting through a speaker at 8 am asking for steel junk.

  2. Definitely a great and awesome tactics. Some is hilarious but I may say effective too. I'll note everything for reference. Thanks!

  3. This whole post gave me a good belly chuckle, and I can always appreciate some visual aids with GIFs!
    I just don't answer if I'm not expecting anyone. If it's a drop in they either have a key, a code, or my number!

  4. I love the sign next to your door! Thankfully we are far enough from the city that most solicitors don't make it out this far.

  5. I need this for my apartment complex! Im not a fan of people coming knocking!

  6. I get so annoyed with solicitors, and in part I do not like answering the door when I am home alone. Too many scary stories.

  7. I don't like solicitors coming to my door at all. My oldest son does real estate and he goes door to door. It doesn't bother him to go and he does make contacts, but I don't even want a realtor knocking, lol.

  8. wow! Love these signs. I am sure that they will help a lot to get rid of solicitors!

  9. I really love that signboard! I also don’t like solicitors, some of them are coming in our house every other day.

  10. loving the signs, For me solicitors is something that I don't care for. they are so trouble.


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