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Snacks We Tried At Walt Disney World

We love everything about Walt Disney World: the castle, the characters, the merchandise, the rides, the FOOD...

Gosh, whenever I go I always wish I had extra stomachs so I can try it all. There's so much to taste but I get FULL. It's why I'm jealous of the people who live close. They can go and eat whenever they want! Lucky. 

As it is, I only get to eat when we visit and I have to pick and choose what I want to try. Here's what we decided on when we visited in July. Many, if not all, are still available to purchase if you have a trip coming up.

So here's some of what we ate!

This was almost too pretty to eat. It's the Enchanted Rose at Hollywood Studios! You can pick this up at Catalina Eddie's on Sunset Boulevard for about $6. It's dark chocolate mousse with a cherry chocolate shortbread cookie. If you don't like cherry, I'd avoid this. I enjoyed the flavor!

This is the Fry Flight at the Fry Basket booth at Epcot. It's only around for the Food & Wine Festival which goes on until November 19th. You get 3 different varieties of fries for $7.50. My fave was the Sweet Potato Casserole Fries. 

From the same spot, we also got the Adobo Yuca Fries with Garlic-Cilantro Aioli for $5.50 and honestly I probably liked this more than the Fry Flight. They had an amazing flavor. 

Also at the Food & Wine Festival is this amazing Creme Brûlée Vanille a la Confiture de Framboises which is vanilla creme brûlée with house made raspberry jam from France. Not only do you get the fabulous creme brûlée flavor, but you have raspberry too! This was $5.95. 

Also from the Food & Wine Festival at The Alps booth is this Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese. It comes with alpine ham, baby potatoes, cornichons, and a baguette. It's $5.50 and tasted like feet. We weren't impressed. Normally I like raclette but this tasted strange. 

Oddly enough, we DID like this Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Riesling-poached Pears, Red wine-braised figs, candied pecans, honey, and cranberry toast. Maybe we needed the sweetness to get through the feet cheese. This was also $5.50. 

This Alien Freeze was at Auntie Gravity's in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. It's a blue raspberry slush with lime dole whip. The eyes are sugar! This was around $7 and I loved it. It was hot so this was a refreshing treat. 

This Hare March Foolish Tea was at the Cheshire Cafe which is right in front of the teacup ride. It tasted like hibiscus tea and I loved the chocolate medallion. This was another fabulous cool down beverage in the heat. It was $5.99. 

This is the 50th Celebration Hot Dog and it was $11.99 at Casey's in the Magic Kingdom. It's a hot dog topped with strawberry bacon jam, funnel cake pieces, and powdered sugar. Some people might be like "Oh ew" but I liked it. The funnel cake pieces were hard to chew at times though. But I loved the jam! 

This is the Mint Julep, also at Casey's in the Magic Kingdom. It's basically lemonade with some mint. I thought it was okay and probably wouldn't get it again. My kids enjoyed it more. It was about $7. 

This chocolate mousse is available at Epcot all year long in France at Las Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. I always get it whenever we visit. It's incredible. Try it! You won't be sorry. 

If you go to 50's Prime Time at Hollywood Studios, pick up this Grasshopper Bar dessert. It was $8 and it's mint white chocolate mousse with chocolate chips on a chocolate chip cookie topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. 

We also ordered this lemon meringue pie and it was just okay. I was hoping for a sharper lemon flavor but it tasted like Jello mix. We still finished it though, but probably wouldn't order again.

At Animal Kingdom in Pandora at the Pongu Pongu lounge you must get the Night Blossom drink. It tastes like lime, apple and pear and there's boba balls on top. Yes, you can add booze if you want but I never have. The non-alcoholic version is around $7.

Next door at the Satu'li Canteen, we always get this blueberry cream cheese mousse. It's a blueberry cream cheese mousse with passion fruit curd and oh my gosh, it's delicious. I hate that the kids like it too because it means I have to share. I might need to get my own because I'm always sad how fast it goes. It's $5.79. 

Finally, you can get these specialty 50th Walt Disney World Coke bottles. I believe they have 4 different designs. I liked this one the best. You can find them at all the parks and resorts!

Do you eat a ton if you've visited Disney? 


  1. We did a little eating around when we were last there. There are so many good desserts!

  2. Yummy! I will take the fries, the smoothie and the chocolate pleases!

  3. Everything sounds amazing! I am a big fan of mint so many of these I think would be a favorite for me.

  4. So many delicious treats. They look so delicious and I want to try them all.

  5. Everything looks so amazing. I don't even know what I would get first if I were to go. It would be hard for me to decide as well. I see they have so many wonderful options.

  6. These all look magical and lovely. I'll share this with my kids since they're going next week.

  7. Everything is so delicious and seeing those food makes me hungry!

  8. Wow! All of these snacks are looking delicious and tasty! My kids would definitely love to try all of these!

  9. When we went to Disney we didn't try any of the fancy foods. If I go in the future, I plan on trying a few things.

  10. Those desserts looked delicious, I was most interested in: The Enchanted Rose, Grasshopper Bar dessert, and the blueberry cream cheese mousse. Yum!

  11. Wow, were you able to finish all the food that you bought? I'd try all of those myself, just the same.

  12. Oh my god this looks like foodie heaven and I am definitely a food lover! I need to make my way there to gorge on this deliciousness!

  13. Disney food is so good! Their Dole Whip was my favorite when we went. But I need to get one of those fry flights!

  14. Mmm, all this delicious food! I think I'd like the fry flight and the Adobo Yuca fries the best. The chocolate mousse you show at the top also looks delicious, but I don't care for cherries.

  15. Sea salt and malt vinegar fries are my jam! Now I want them!!


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