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Sunshine Flyer Transportation To Walt Disney World Review

When I heard the Magical Express was no more I thought, oh no, how will we get to our Walt Disney World resort hotel now? I mean, yes, there's Lyft and Uber, but you never know if you'll get a ride quickly. Plus sometimes the lines to get one can be long. The Magical Express was nice because it was included in the price and easy to use. 

I heard about The Sunshine Flyer though social media and it seemed like a wonderful service. The buses are designed to look like 1920 trains and the prices aren't horrible. (Kids travel FREE until September 5th! Adults cost $16 for one way or $32 for round trip) So I booked us tickets to take us to the Galactic Starcruiser (it was incredibly easy to do. I just put in my flight info) and pick us up from Port Orleans Riverside. (They arrive 3 hours prior to your flight.)

I had read reviews and some people had stated it was tough to figure out where to go to catch The Sunshine Flyer buses but I disagree. I saw this sign:

Plus there was a man with a Sunshine Flyer sign directing where to go. If you've ever used the Magical Express, it's on the opposite end of the airport from that. 

We checked in here and only waited about 10 minutes for our bus.

There are larger buses:

And smaller ones. We were on the smaller one. 

A conductor came on to welcome us. 

They play old cartoons and questions pop up on train history. 

The bus was clean and comfortable!

Natalie was able to do her makeup as the ride was smooth.

You will make multiple stops at other resorts but they don't take long. 

We arrived at our destination promptly!

Pick up was just as easy. They were actually 10 minutes early. We were in a larger bus this time. 

Again the bus was clean and Cinderella was playing on the screens that time. 

Everyone was friendly and we'd certainly use The Sunshine Flyer again. If you're looking for transportation to and from any of the Disney resorts, go with them. Their service starts at 4AM and they service flights from 7AM. The last bus leaving the airport is 11PM. 

Have you used The Sunshine Flyer before and if not, will you give them a try?

You can learn more info about The Sunshine Flyer at the following:

their website






  1. When we go in February we will possibly use them!

  2. I've heard from others that Sunshine is a great form of transportation. Since we live about an hour from Mickey's house, we don't have to use transportation, so I haven't actually used it.

  3. I haven't heard of it. I'm super disappointed the Magical Express hasn't come back. Disney is expensive as it is, so that was a nice perk. I'll have to keep the Sunshine Flyer in mind if we can ever afford to go again!

  4. I’m surely gonna take note about Sunshine Flyer as our transportation when we go to Disney next year! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. I have some family members going to Disney World this month. The Sunshine Flyer sounds like a great idea for them.

  6. I had no idea there was such a thing! I have been wanting to take my family to Walk Disney World forever. Saving for when we finally make that trip. Crossing fingers early next year!

  7. Glad to see that they have buses. So many shuttles had shut done in other places.

  8. I hadn't heard of this before! Great option for transportation! My girls are dying to go to Disney and they LOVE buses!

  9. That sounds like a great transportation option. It is great that it isn't overpriced as a trip to Disney is already expensive.

  10. The seating on these shuttles look so comfortable and roomy!

  11. I will keep this service in mind for when I book travel to Disney. I'm hoping to go in a few years before my little one graduates from high school.

  12. All signed up for January! They extended their sale

  13. great review. the next time I visit walt disney world I would consider using them.

  14. We will have to try this the next time we travel to Disney World! I have always heard good things about them and glad to see the reviews are true and good!

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