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Halloween Costume Ideas For Teen Girls

Natalie has worn many costumes throughout the years. Most of them weren't even worn on Halloween. She just loves to dress up and pretend. If you or the teenage girl in your life is struggling on what to wear this October, I have ideas. (Many of these would work for any age!)

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an amazing lady who was a strong voice for gender equality, civil rights, and LGBTQ+ support. To put together an easy costume, find a black t-shirt, pair with black pants, and get a pearl collar necklace from Amazon here. Find a LGBTQ+ flag and you're done!

This will most likely a popular choice this year due to Hocus Pocus 2 coming out on Disney+. Any of the witches from the movie is a win. We found this Sarah costume at Spirit Halloween and the hood was made from someone on Etsy. 

Love the movie The Greatest Showman? This is a fun look found on Amazon. Just type in Greatest Showman and a bunch of costumes pop up. She actually wore this in 5th grade, but there are "older" versions found online.

Is your daughter into spooky movies? Mine is! She found this Saw costume online and we got the mask at Spirit Halloween because the one that came with it looked cheap not NOT scary in the least. She got a lot of compliments when she wore it. Some assumed she was a boy and when she removed her mask they were shocked. Girls can be scary too!

Alexander Hamilton is always a hit thanks to the musical. Any of the characters are a win. Girls, be Alexander if you want! 

Who loves Freddie Mercury? This is a simple costume. The Flash shirt is on Amazon and pick up any crazy jacket at Goodwill. We all know Freddie loved his elaborate looks! 

Target has a ton of lovely clothes but they also offer some that you're living on a prairie. If you want to look like you live with Ma and Pa Ingalls, search Target. That's where we found this dress. Pair with a bonnet and pick up a stick as a toy and you're good to go.

Back to the scary costumes! This Rake look is at Spirit Halloween! Natalie wore this around the neighborhood and freaked people out.

The movie Labyrinth is one of my favorites and Natalie loves it too. She made her own Jareth costume with a loose white top and a black corset. Pick up some glass balls on Amazon and pose with your favorite Labyrinth stuffies and you have the right look!

Spiderman is always popular! I hate when they try to make Spidergirl costumes cutsey. No. Ladies, if you want to be Spiderman be Spiderman. You can get this costume on Amazon.

Belle is a popular Disney character. Natalie loves her because of her love of books. And the fact that she tells Gaston to piss off. If there's ever a boy who won't leave you alone, tell them off. Pick up this costume on Amazon.

Star Wars fan? Go to Etsy and you'll find all sorts of gorgeous costumes. This one that Padme wore is a popular choice. The colors are incredible.

Gilmore Girls is one of our favorite shows. You can dress like Rory Gilmore in her Chilton uniform. We found all the pieces on Amazon. 

The movie 13 Going On 30 is the story of Jenna, who wishes she were 30, flirty, and thriving. She wakes up and she finds that she's 30. This is a dress she wore when she did the Thriller dance. Confused? Go watch the movie. You'll love it. Get this on Amazon.

A League of Their Own is a beautiful movie about the girls on the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. During WW2 with all the men at war, people were missing baseball so they had women play. They did incredible! The movie is beloved so naturally the uniforms they wore are popular. Natalie is a Rockford Peach. You can get this anywhere, but we found ours at Spirit Halloween.

Which of these costumes would you pick? 


  1. She always has the coolest costumes. I'm a huge Marvel fan, so of course, I love the Spider-Man costume.

  2. I'm really diggin' the Saw and Rake costumes.

  3. She has some cool costumes. I like her style for dressing up.

  4. I love seeing all her costumes. She always has such great ideas. I love them all!

  5. Wow! These are all really amazing and cute Halloween costumes! My kids would love to see this!

  6. wow! So many ideas! I will find here the right one for my teens. Love that they are various!

  7. Natalie seems like such a cool kid with SO MUCH personality, thanks for sharing these great costumes and stories!

  8. Natalie rocked all those different costumes. I love the witch and that beautiful hood.

  9. Well heck! I love them all and couldn't choose from that list. But what great costumes

  10. That Star Wars dress is stunning! I also love the costume from Hocus Pocus 2. Great choices!

  11. All of the yes to the Sarah costume from Hocus Pocus. That is one of my favorite movies. All of these costumes are great. Makes me excited for October. Bring on spooky season!

  12. I can't pick one, they are all fabulous!!

  13. Wow! Some great ideas here! I love that Star Wars costume. Beautiful colors!

  14. Wow, great costumes for girls! Thanks for sharing your ideas. My niece would love this Saw costume!

  15. These are al greta costumes for anyone and especially teens! I was lime your daughter and LOVED scary movies....still do and will watch them all October long ;) I love then Rake costume.... that would freak me out!

  16. I'm loving your fantastic costume ideas! And Natalie looked absolutely beautiful in all of them. these awesome ideas. I actually loved them all.

  17. Your daughter looks good in all of these costumes. It’s been a long time since my son has dressed up. He is 12 so he will most likely only trick or treat a few more years if that.


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