Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Seeing Titanic 25 Years Later

I've always been intrigued by the Titanic. I mean, here's this giant ship that boasted it was unsinkable. It was luxurious. And then...on the first voyage, it sinks. Thousands perished. The ones who survived were traumatized. 

I remember reading books about the Titanic BEFORE the movie came out. I just couldn't get enough. I felt for all the people who died. I felt for the families who had to be separated because it was "women and children first." 

The movie came out when I was in High School. Of course I had to see it. I dragged my then boyfriend at the time. I do not think he liked it as much as I did. 

I loved seeing the liner come back to life. And of course Leo is easy on the eyes. And..the Edwardian fashion! The love story! Molly Brown! 

When the movie premiered, it meant more books were released on the Titanic from authors capitalizing on the success of the movie. I scooped those right up. Here are just some of the books I own:

Our downstairs bathroom has Titanic decor:

Are you old enough to know what VHS is? I got this special edition set:

Oh, we had our 10 year vow renewal at the Titanic museum in Branson. We were on the Grand Staircase. Here's pictures from that:

I also own Titanic wood. Apparently it's from a shelf on the Titanic. I have papers saying it's true. Is it really? I don't know. But it's still cool to think it's legit:

These are just some of my Titanic items. I have many more. And guess what? On Saturday I'm seeing Titanic in theaters AGAIN since it's re-releasing for the 25th anniversary. This time with my mom, my daughter, and her boyfriend. She's pulling a ME in high school and dragging her boyfriend to see the movie. My husband said hell no when I asked if he wanted to join us. 

Oh, I also got this mug and plate to celebrate Titanic's 25th anniversary:

You can check your local theater and see if Titanic is showing. It is in thousands of theaters for the Valentine's Day weekend. In 3D. Which should be interesting. I've always wanted to see Rose spit on Cal in 3D. 

My daughter is obsessed with the movie as I was and even has a dress that Rose wore. (Rose changes into this after Jack drew her "like one of his French girls.")

I know we'll love the movie. Well. The women. The boyfriend might fall asleep. The movie is 3 hours and 29 minutes after all. I wonder if there will be an intermission as there was when I first saw it in theaters? 

How many times have you seen Titanic? 


  1. I remember it going by so fast even though it was so long. I think I've only seen it once though, at least in full!

  2. This is a good movie. I have watched it way to many times.

  3. I remember when the Titanic came out and I just had to go to the theaters. Then when it came out on VHS and could rent it, I had to get that too. Great memories

  4. When I was 14 years old, I first watched this movie, and I now truly enjoy it.

  5. Such a really wonderful and outstanding movie! I remember when I first watch this movie I felt mixed emotions!

  6. I have always always loved this movie. I saw it in theaters in high school. I pre-ordered my VHS copies. I was obsessed with the soundtrack. I'm super jealous of your daughter's dress!!! I tried to look like Rose at my senior prom. My dress was for sure inspired by her red and black one when she first meets Jack.

  7. I've watched Titanic several times and still love it! You have great collection right there! Love them!

  8. Oh my! I knew you were a fan of the Titanic but never realize to what extent, that collection is incredible!

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  10. I definitely want to watch it again after reading your post. I will for sure do so soon. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've watched the Titanic a few times. I should see it again on the big screen. Thanks for the recommendation.

  12. I always found it intriguing too and cannot imagine what they all went through when the ship was going down. terrifying for sure and absolutely loving your mug set! I have to get one and cannot wait to see this one again! I am taking my daughter ;)

  13. I love Titanic, I’ve actually never seen it at the movies because I was 3 when it came out ahahah I wonder if they’ll do it here too


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