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Favorite Foods At The Seven Seas Food Festival

I always love food festivals! Sea World does a Seven Seas Food Festival where you can grab food samples from different booths representing different spots around the world. We look forward to going every year, and I'll share some of our fave foods that we tried. 

You can also get alcohol, but I would rather eat, so I can't suggest any favorites there, sorry. But food? Yeah, I got you ;)

I suggest picking up this nifty book that you'll find at the different booths. It'll list all the food and drinks, plus events. That way you can mark what you MUST try. 

Our first stop is always Mexico, and there's always delicious choices there. 

I don't like seafood, but my kids love it, so they wanted to try the Baja Grilled Shimp taco. They said it was fantastic and that the shrimp was cooked to perfection.

We also got the Shredded Braised Beef tacos and yum, the meat was tender and the flavors were there:

We're obsessed with this Fried Elote Con Queso to the point where we had to get 2. If you get anything from this booth, get the corn. You won't be disappointed. 

We always look forward to France. Not only is the food scrumptious, but there's always a fun portrait set up:

Here's the menu:

The chocolate-cherries & cream is fantastic. All the crepes are cooked to order so they're all fresh:

We also got the Banana & Strawberry Hazelnut. If we make it back to the festival before it ends, we're getting these again. 

Heading to Germany, there's always tasty option and someone will come out and play music at select times:

We got the Beer Cheese Spaetzle with sautéed onions. The cheese is the best:

Each spot always has a cool photo spot. Tommy says he's a pretty girl:

Italy always has some tasty options. I love their pizzas. They cook them with a special oven so it takes a bit longer, but worth it:

I decided to try the dessert pizza because it sounded intriguing. There was melted marshmallow and hazelnut, so I knew it was going to be a hit and I was right:

There was another photo spot:

We always enjoy going to Japan:

The Chicken Gyoza was amazing and that sauce? Yes please! I wish I could have a bottle of the sauce.

While we were there we caught the Living Garden show, which was awesome:

We walked to Hawaii next, and there's always tons that we enjoy there:

We were getting full at this point, so I didn't get everything we wanted, but still quite a bit. As I mentioned, my kids are huge fans of seafood so they got the Salmon Poke Bowl. If we go back, I am so getting the Teriyaki Spam one! They are made well and the kids gobbled it right up.

We also got the Hawaiian Macaroni Salad and it had Spam bits in it. I so wish they had the Spam Fries this year. The Spam bits are what made the salad.

The Kalua Pork Slider had a nice flavor. The meat was tender and seasoned well:

It was in the 80s and we were hot, so I also got the Pineapple Sorbet and it was a refreshing treat:

Everyone loved it. 

The Seven Seas Food Festival lasts until May 21st so if you're headed to San Antonio, check it out. There's food, there's booze, and there's shows. To make it easier, I suggest getting the sampler lanyard which you can purchase online or at the park. 

We hope to make it back! 


  1. This looks so awesome! I haven’t been to sea world in so long, but now I may of just find my excuse to go back! Thanks so much for sharing!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. I did not know Seaworld did this! I’ve been looking for a Spring trip and this is perfect! Those crepes look awesome! The salad with Spam? Not so much. LOL!

  3. This is the foodie event for me for sure and I am with your kids and LOVE seafood! I so would love everything I see here... great pictures and looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. So many delicious food items. The photo props are pretty awesome.

  5. That looks like an amazing place to eat. Everything looks so delicious. I would certainly go there if I'm ever in the area.

  6. Of all the years we've lived near Sea World, I had no idea that they have a festival like this. Do they have it at the one in Orlando too?

  7. Wow! Everything looks so good! I've never been there, but I would love to now.

  8. Yum. Everything looks so good. I’ve only had the opportunity to go to Sea World once. Maybe we can go next year during the food tour.

  9. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely amazing! It's been ages since I've been to Sea World, but now I finally have the perfect excuse to go back! Thank you so much for sharing this - you've made my day!

  10. I've never had chocolate crepes before, and that looks amazing. All of the foods there sound amazing!

  11. Wow! All of these looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I would really love to try all of this!

  12. Wow this is a fun place to visit, and all the amazing choices of food to eat, I would really love to try some of it.

  13. Wow! All those food from different countries are amazing all gathered in just one place!

  14. Those dishes look so delicious, and LOL I almost didn't realize that was Natalie in the portrait frame, I had to double-take!

  15. I always love seeing your bites at the food festivals. Looks like you had a great variety of wonderful food this time.

  16. So many amazing food options! I was drooling over the elote con queso and those crepes!

  17. wow! This sounds amazing! This is my kind of festival! I love food and I like to try new things!

  18. What a fabulous festival! I'm hoping to go to this soon, so I'll have to try these food ideas too!

  19. Wow, this looks so fun and the food looks so yummy! :)

  20. Everything looks so delicious! I want to visit this place someday. Thanks for sharing those yummy foods!

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