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Beaches & Cream At Walt Disney World Review

We love vintage vibes. And ice cream. Beaches & Cream is a small diner like restaurant that is located at Walt Disney World's Beach Club resort. It serves you basic diner foods like burgers and sandwiches--but they also have delicious ice cream. 

It's a small restaurant which is why reservations are hard to get. When I was 60 Days Out from heading to Walt Disney World I was able to make reservations and the earliest they could get us in was 930 PM. I took it because we had been wanting to go for a few years. (You can make reservations here.)

We were stayed at the Yacht Club which is right next door so it was an easy walk. Here's the menu:

It's not a huge menu but at least the prices aren't horrible. 

We were excited when our names were called to go in:

The drawings on the wall are sweet:

It's just a nice vibe inside. Mind you, it is rather noisy since it's a small space:

Oh, and here's some of the tasty shakes offered. There's much more! 

I love the color scheme:

This place is known for the Kitchen Sink, which is basically a ton of ice cream, hot fudge, every topping they have, plus a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream. If someone orders it, the rooms go dark and the lights swirl, and the Kitchen Sink is brought out. It's a whole production. It's $36 and is meant for at least 4 people so we passed. It would be fun to do if you were with a big group of friends. 

Yes, there is a Juke Box:

I ordered the Diet Coke with Cherry Syrup added. It was delish! Natalie got a Coke with chocolate syrup and it tasted like a Tootsie Roll. 

We got the Chili & Cheese Tots as an appetizer and they were simple, yet tasty:

Tommy got the French Dip, minus cheese, and said it was good. He also enjoyed the fries:

Natalie and I had the grilled cheese & tomato bisque soup. Both were fantastic:

The soup was thick and had a fabulous flavor. If you like tomatoes, this is the soup for you:

Of course we had to finish up with dessert. We got the Fudge Mud Slide and it was a perfect amount for 3. It was 3 scoops of vanilla, a brownie, hot fudge, cookies, and whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce and a cherry. 

If you can't get a reservation and wanted to try the ice cream, you're in luck! There's a Beaches & Cream window where you can order most of their ice cream choices on the menu. You will not be able to order the food, but at least the ice cream is available. 

Oh and yup, there are adult beverages plus plant based options! (Check out the menu here.)

We would go back. We enjoyed our time and especially liked the vibe and decor of the place.

Have you ever eaten at Beaches & Cream?


  1. We have gotten ice cream at the walk up window!

  2. It's so adorable and fun! The shakes there are amazingly crafted.

  3. Such a charming little pit stop after a hot day at WDW! Loving the vibe! I want to try The Kitchen Sink!

  4. Disney has some cool places to eat at. This is one that my family would like.

  5. What a fun place to eat at. I've been there in the past and loved it. Their milkshakes are a work of art.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your Beaches & Cream experience! The nostalgic ambiance, delicious food, and unique ice cream treats make it a must-visit! That Kitchen Sink sounds like an epic challenge for a group. I can't wait to try the tomato bisque and grilled cheese combo! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That looks like such an amazing place to eat. That would be a place I know I'd enjoy. All the food looks so delicious. What an amazing place!

  8. Wow! This looks like a really great and a nice place to eat! I would really love to visit this place

  9. Your review of Beaches & Cream at Walt Disney World is fantastic! I enjoyed reading about your experience and the mouthwatering description of the food. Your enthusiasm and detailed insights make me excited to visit and try their delicious treats.

  10. "Beaches and Cream" what a cute and punny ice cream parlor title! And the setup is just darling!

  11. oh my! definitely a place to stop at to relax during the busy-ness there

  12. I love the colors of this restaurant. The ice cream and those shakes look really inviting!

  13. Great Food Porn Post, Cute little Shop.

  14. The food looks so good. I never did the sit down restaurants when we went to Disney. I remember the food being very overpriced though.

  15. So back in the day Ruby Tuesdays used to have a dessert like that, plus a strawberry one. I miss it.


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