Sunday, July 23, 2023

Did We Like The Barbie Movie?

First of all, we all wore pink.


My son did not wear pink to see The Barbie Movie. Or really, it's called Barbie the Movie. He's not against pink, he just didn't have any pink to wear. 

Yes, my son wanted to go. Probably to admire the women in the movie. Also to eat. The movie theater has good food. 

My daughter wore her Liesl dress from The Sound of Music. Our movie theater, Flix Brewhouse, had some cute set ups for the movie:

There was also this set up:

She had a pretty flower in her hair as well. She was the most dressed up from all of us. Naturally.

Tommy wore this:

And I wore my read banned books shirt. I figure it was pink and sent a message: always read the banned books. It's terrible because my son took it and he does not understand angles or background..(My shirt says "I'm with the banned.")


Was the movie any good?


It made me cry, several times. It talks about how it's difficult being a woman these days. No matter what choice we make, we seem to be judged for it. It also touched on mothers and daughters. 

Some men are upset over the movie. They say men are belittled and made to look like idiots in the film. Mind you, this was exactly how women were portrayed in tons of movies. See: Marilyn Monroe. They were supposed to stand there, look pretty, and basically act like morons. Welcome to our world, men.

My son liked the movie. He said it had a good message. I always remind him to respect women. No means no. All of that. Some men haven't learned that lesson yet. 

If you're expecting a silly, mindless film, you'll be mistaken. It wasn't that. (I mean, yes, there are some silly scenes..) But mostly, it'll get you thinking and if you're a woman, nodding. If you're a man who wants to understand, you'll also nod. If you're one of those gross men, you'll probably pout. 

I also managed to get a popcorn bucket. They go fast. AMC and Cinemark had some that sold out quickly. Flix Brewhouse showed theirs on Instagram and they were gone within 2 hours of posting. Thank goodness it's near the house and I was able to swing by. And it was only $12.95 AND I got points added to my account for free stuff:

We truly are using it at a popcorn bucket! 

So go see Barbie the Movie. And let me know if you also think Allan is awesome. 


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Movie as a Positive Family Experience, that's what makes going to the Movies such a Joy. I've heard some wacko Politicians making a big deal of the Barbie movie in negative ways just to get attention and be theatrical I suppose, which is rather hilarious, since, Barbie isn't Real, so, Calm Down. The Nation has enuf Real problems that we don't need to fabricate any, that's for sure. Or vilify, of all things, Barbie! *LOL and an Eye Roll* A Fav Blogger makes the most fabulous Barbie dioramas, she really puts so much thought and work into it, Creating pure Magic with her Doll Collection and bringing them to Life.

    1. PS: The Teen Granddaughter and her Teen Male Friend are at the Barbie Movie as we speak, I'm sure they'll Love it.

  2. Now I want to see the movie. I like that it has all the pink in it.

  3. Great knowing that you had a good experience watching the movie. It's been making a lot of noise here in my country, but I don't seem to be interested in it.

  4. Aw, that looks like a beautiful time! This makes me want to go see it with my daughter even more.

  5. I love that this film isn't going to just be a vapid film made strictly to entertain, but one that gives you some food for thought! I'm glad you three enjoyed it!

  6. I'm glad that you guys had a great time on your trip to see the movie. Loving the photo op set up that is perfect. Congrats on getting the popcorn bucket. I can't believe that they sell out quickly, that is crazy!

  7. I really want to see this movie! My kids are going to love this for sure!

  8. I've heard a lot of people have gone to see this movie and loved it.

  9. I love how people are dressing up to see this! I haven't seen it yet but I plan to. I am pleasantly surprised already by the reviews. It's made several people cry!

  10. It sounds like you had a fun and memorable experience watching Barbie the Movie with your family! I love the way you all dressed up for the occasion, and the movie theater's cute set-ups added to the excitement. I think we will be going to see it soon

  11. I have heard that it definitely is one making people emotional .. and both my daughter and I hope to see it soon.. Love your daughter's outfit... and your Tshirt too.. 👍🏻 to reading banned books


  12. I was curious about the Barbie movie, and your review provided such helpful insights! I'm glad to hear that your family enjoyed it, and now I'm excited to watch it with mine too.

  13. My daughter saw the movie, but I have not. That is neat that you got a popcorn bucket! I don't know anyone that has!

  14. The setup is adorable! I wonder if our theater here has the same setup too. Can't wait to find out. :) -LYNNDEE

  15. I haven't seen the barbie movie yet, But I would love to. I love the setup But i do wonder if the threater around my area have this. I would love to have my photo taken there.

  16. I watched Oppenheimer and my neices watched Barbie. Ibhave been hearing many good things about it, I am about to watch it only because I like Margot Robbie and your experience was lovely to read!

  17. I will have to watch this movie when it comes out on Redbox. I’m cheap and don’t like paying theater prices.

  18. The Barbie box photo is a must! So cute! We also liked the movie, I hope thought we had the box but we didn't!

  19. "Barbie has been an iconic toy for decades, sparking creativity and imagination in children. Its evolution in terms of diversity and career options is commendable, promoting positive role models for young minds."


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