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Roundup Rodeo At Hollywood Studios Review

We love the movie Toy Story, so when we heard a new restaurant was being themed for the movie, we knew we wanted to try it out. The restaurant is called Roundup Rodeo and it's obviously located in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. It's $45 per adult or $25 for kids 3-9. 

It's designed to look like Andy built it so it's made up of toys, which was pretty cute. Everyone is supposed to be toys, actually. 

We were called back about 30 minutes after our reservation time, which I'm told is the norm.

It's neat inside and there's so much to see. The details are incredible. We were in the Bo Peep room:

The menu is to the point: it's an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you get 3 salads, pick 4 sides, you get a bunch of meat, and then everyone gets a dessert. Fountain drinks & teas are included. Yes, there's booze for an added cost if you need it, plus non-alcoholic speciality drinks.  (Check out the full menu here.)

There's also 3 different sauces at the table. My favorite was the Spicy:

While you're waiting for your food, be sure to look around, because the rooms are awesome:

The plates look like paper plates but they are not. They are firm like a regular plate:

First comes out the cheddar biscuits with the Sweet Pepper Jelly which sounds odd, but is tasty! The biscuits were warm and fresh. 

You will get a watermelon mint salad, a romaine and kale salad, and a cucumber/tomato salad. Our favorite was the cucumber. 

Then the meats come out. There's ribs, brisket, pork sausage and BBQ Chicken. And YES there are plant based options if meat isn't for you. 

And the sides. Remember, you can pick 4. We opted for the Fried Pickles (yum!), the Potato Barrels with Green Goddess dressing on top (pretty good), the grilled corn on the cob (delish!) and the mac & cheese (not much flavor.) Yes, you can try the other sides as well and again, refills on any sides you get. 

(The other sides are potato salad, veggie slaw, vegetables, and baked beans.)

In between all the eating, we checked out the room next to ours:

Yes, the bathrooms even have a cute area:

Finally, we got desserts. They are the glass jar layered desserts. This was the blueberry and lemon cheesecake, and it had a nice flavor.

I also asked for the Cupcake A La Forky, because again, you can request any of the desserts even though the menu says 1 each. It was the cutest and also tasty with chocolate cake, graham cracker, and a sugar cookie. 

There's also a Peach Strawberry Pie, an Apple Pie, and a Chocolate Silk Pie. 

Oh, and about every 30 minutes you have to freeze. Why? Well, Andy is heard and everyone is supposed to be toys, so you can't move. So this is not the restaurant to attend if you have serious matters to discuss, because everything just falls silent when Andy's voice is overhead. Yup, cast members with food freeze too! I felt bad for one lady who had a huge tray. 

Would we return? Maybe in a few years. As I mentioned, we LOVED the biscuits and asked for another basket because we all gobbled them up. The cucumber tomato salad was another hit that we got more of. 

The meats? Were just okay. They're obviously cheap meats so they didn't have a ton of flavor. This is probably why the sauces are on the table. 

The sides were more exciting to me, honestly. They actually had flavor. The fried pickles and corn on the cobs were favorites. 

And of course, you can't go wrong with desserts! 

Again, everything is all-you-can-eat so you can request more of anything, so the cost is worth it. 

If you want to get a reservation, click here, and hurry, because they go fast. You can try for a walk up but it's a slim chance you'll get it since the restaurant is still new.

Have you ever eaten at Roundup Rodeo?


  1. My grandkids went to this and loved it. They loved the "freeze" times. I wish I could do that and they would freeze while visiting. LOL

  2. My husband loves meat. This would be a place that he would enjoy.

  3. That place looks like so much fun. I would love to go someday. I think my kids would love it there as well. Even the food looks great. We love Toy Story!

  4. What an interesting place to eat. There is certainly plenty to see there! I love a good theme restaurant.

  5. Wow! It looks like a really wonderful and amazing place to visit and dine in

  6. We all love Toy Story and it would be an interesting experience to visit this restaurant!

  7. My grandkids would have a ball, looks like so much fun and a great experience.

  8. Oh my goodness, this looks like it would be such a wonderful experience for Toy Story fans or even people that love whimsical settings!

  9. Yeehaw! Your Hollywood Studios Roundup Rodeo review was a rootin' tootin' good time! Your vivid descriptions and enthusiasm truly captured the essence of the event. It felt like I was there experiencing it all firsthand. Giddy up and keep those awesome reviews coming!

  10. I'd have gotten the fried pickles too. Those are always a fave.

  11. This sounds like a fun restaurant to visit. I’ll have to remember this if we make it to Disney in the next few years.

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