Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Ultimate Shark Experience At Sea World San Antonio

It's Shark Week!

To celebrate, SeaWorld has an Ultimate Shark Experience going on. You get a lot of cool things when you book a ticket for this special event:

Not only do you get to go on a behind-the-scenes tour with shark curators to see how the sharks are cared for (and actually TOUCH a small shark), but you also get a free meal & drink, a free mocktail or cocktail, free swag, and a free quick queue so you can skip the line on The Great White coaster

Plus, $25 of what you pay supports shark conservation. 

Before we met our shark curator, we explored the aquarium inside Explorer's Reef.

My daughter has always been obsessed with aquariums and sea life so she was in her element.

The behind-the-scenes tour runs continuously from 130-330. It lasts about 20 or so minutes. We were led into the back:

And then we got to see above the tanks and learned shark info:

Here's the tiny shark we got to pet:

Afterwards we got our complimentary lunch (you can eat at any of the quick service restaurants in the park) and picked up our free goodies.

Natalie got a stuffed shark that she named Philly:

Tommy got a Shark hat:

And I got a frame:

Then the kids used the quick queue for The Great White. I declined. No thank you. I'm a wimp:

Finally, we got our free mocktail from the Chill Out bar. It was basically blue raspberry with Sprite mixed in. Philly approved:

If you have a shark fan in your life, this tour is perfect. You can book it here but HURRY. It only runs until Friday, July 28th. 

I think this tour goes on at all the Sea World's so if you're in Orlando or San Diego, check it out. It's a fun summer activity and bonus, you'll also learn something. 


  1. What a fun experience. I do need to go see this.

  2. Oh, wow! My grandkids would have a field day there! The plush shark is too cute.

  3. This looks so fun. I'm fascinated and terrified of sharks.

  4. Respect the shark!! I love them and watch shows about them all the time. Yall should get the Shark Tracker app to watch sharks that have been tagged and where they are on the coast. Kind of scary to see how many are out in the ocean where folks are.

  5. Wow! That was a really fun and amazing experience! My kids would love to be here for sure!

  6. What a fun experience. But I’m actually scared of sharks lol

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Ultimate Shark Experience at SeaWorld San Antonio! Your description of the behind-the-scenes tour, the adorable photos, and the excitement of your kids made it a delightful read. It sounds like an incredible and educational adventure. Keep sharing your amazing experiences!

  8. What a fun experience! My son loves sharks so this would be a perfect family vacation for us! Also I love how she's giving the shark a drink lol! Seems as if y'all are a lot of fun!

  9. wow! Such a beautiful experience. We had something similar with dolphins and it was great!

  10. It is neat that there are a variety of opportunities like this. Sounds like it was very interesting.

  11. When we lived near the Seaworld in San Antonio, Shark Week was one of our favorite times to visit! They always do such fun tie-ins.

  12. The last aquarium I visited was in Myrtle Beach.... the Ripley's Aquarium and it was beautiful. This is the perfect way for sure to celebrate Shark Week!

  13. We went to Sea World in 2014 and enjoyed it. I’d love to go again one day.


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