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Yacht Club Resort At Walt Disney World Review

Okay, so normally we can only afford the moderate resorts. We usually stay at Port Orleans French Quarter or Port Orleans Riverside. But as a gift for Tommy graduating community college, my parents said he could pick where he wanted to stay when we went to Walt Disney World. Tommy's favorite Disney park is Epcot, so he picked the Yacht Club.

If you didn't know, Yacht Club is around the corner from Epcot. It's also easy to get to Hollywood Studios via the Skyliner. Right next door is the Beach Club and nearby to that is the Swan & Dolphin. Across the way is the Boardwalk Resort. These are all considered Deluxe Resorts because they are all absolutely gorgeous and at a convenient location. 

Obviously there is nautical decor all around. Our room had two queen beds:

The room can sleep 5 thanks to the pull out bed:

We loved the bathroom because it was spacious:

The curtains were of the constellations, which we loved:

The balcony had two chairs and a small table to relax on. We hung out there a lot while waiting for Natalie to get ready in the morning:

Make sure you take the time to explore the inside of Yacht Club. There's a ship's wheel so lots of Titanic references can be made. "Hardover! Is it hardover?" "Yes, sir, hardover, sir.." Absolutely yes we did this because you can actually TOUCH IT.

There's an area where you can pretend you're an important businessperson:

The lobby is spectacular with tons of space:

We appreciated this ship model:

There's a hidden Mickey on this globe:

The lobby is a comfortable place to relax. We waited there for an hour before our airport shuttle arrived and it was peaceful and beautiful to take in:

There is not a giant food court here. You can order food & get drinks at the Market and there are a few tables inside, but it's not the chaos of regular food courts. I frequented this spot often for my Diet Coke as they have 2 Freestyle Coke machines:

Other food options are the Ale & Compass and Yachtman Steakhouse, which we didn't try out. Maybe another time as I heard both are tasty. Right next door at the Beach Club you can find Cape May and Beaches & Cream, which we did dine at. (You can read our review here.)

At the Market you can also find souvenirs.

If you walk out from the back door in the lobby, you'll find a gorgeous pier that gave us La la Land vibes:

You can even rent boats for a fee:

There a map so you know what everything is:

I'm not sure if it's every night, but you can also roast marshmallows. Roasting marshmallows is free, but you can pay extra for a s'mores kit. We just opted for the free marshmallows:

There are movies shown on the beach every night as well, but we were always at the parks. There will be a calendar by the front desk with all the activities for the day. 

One of the absolute best things about staying at the Yacht Club is the pool called Stormalong Bay. It's know as the best pool on Disney property because there's a sand bottom area, a lazy river, and a giant slide in the form of a ship:

I'll write a separate post on the pool because it's that awesome! 

We were impressed by the grounds of Yacht Club. It was beautiful to look out from:

There are sand beaches that are roped off because yes, there could be alligators in the water. But you can relax on the sand:

We had the absolute best time and have so many memories from our stay. Even better, Goofy came to visit one day. It was the best interaction:

Would we return to the Yacht Club? Absolutely. A goal is to one day stay at Boardwalk so we can say we've stayed at all the resorts in the area. (We don't really count Swan & Dolphin as it's not really a Disney resort, but you do get many of the perks!) 

To end the evening, you can watch the fireworks at Epcot from the pool. It's magical:

If you want to book a reservation at the Yacht Club resort, you can go here. You'll get the perks of having 3 Disney parks nearby. Epcot is around the corner. You can take the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios. There are also Friendship boats that leave often with stops to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you want to, you can even walk to Hollywood Studios but after walking all over the parks, that was a no for us. I'm told it takes about 20 minutes.

You can walk to the front of Epcot to get the Monorail to Magic Kingdom! 

There is a bus stop in the front of the Yacht Club that will take you to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Springs. 

If you want a slow-paced quiet resort and you know many Titanic quotes, Yacht Club is for you:


  1. We've stayed at the Swan and Dolphin and love the area. I've always wanted to stay at the Beach Club.

  2. Such a fancy hotel. I do love the stars on the curtains.

  3. Wow, these photos are amazing! What a great place to be able to stay at.

  4. My goodness do I need a resort vacation! The pictures themselves all but sold me a plane ticket there.

  5. I would love to stay at that hotel it looks really fancy and elegant

  6. These are all really wonderful photos! I love the look of that hotel!

  7. I don't recall where we stayed when we visited Epcot. The Yacht club sounds great. I love the way that it has been set out. Looking forward to your post about the pool.

  8. Looks like a fabulous resort! I love that lighthouse and that you can see the Epcot fireworks!

  9. The yacht club resort looks so beautiful, definitely one that would be worth visiting at least once!

  10. I've stayed there many times! My family and I love it so much!

  11. This is such a nice resort! I've never been here, but I have heard many great things about it.

  12. This looks like a great resort to stay at. If think if I stayed on property that I would stay at the budget resorts. Maybe we can go before my son graduate.

  13. Did not realize that this is another Disney resort.. it is so beautiful.. the room looks so comfy and I would not mind a stay here for sure!

  14. Your detailed review of the Yacht Club Resort at Walt Disney World is a gem! Your personal experience, from the stunning nautical decor to the convenient location near Epcot, truly paints a vivid picture. The insights on amenities like the pool, dining options, and the serene atmosphere make it a must-read for fellow travelers. Fantastic job! 🏰🛳️🌟

  15. This is an amazing review, Yatch resort, is a beautiful place, I love the curtains, and the rooms look lovely as well. thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. It seems like this resort would be perfect for a family vacation! Thanks for sharing your experience

  17. Wow, what an amazing place! I would absolutely love to stay at this Yacht Club 😍. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂.

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  18. I definitely would love to stay there especially that there's a pier. Love the views! -LYNNDEE

  19. Everything looks so cozy! I love the pictures of the lighthouses, what a fun adventure!

  20. Tommy's going to be thrilled with the Epcot location, and I loved hearing about all the little details like the nautical decor and the amazing pool.

  21. Great holiday, you all seem to really enjoy it. All photos look amazing. I love the room, very spacious and neatly arranged.

  22. Happy to know that you had a great time. We'd love to visit too in the future. Their attention to detail makes the experience more memorable. It's nice that there is a bus stop infront of the Yacht club. Will add this on our bucket list.

  23. I love Natalie's lacy dress in these photos. Her at the ship wheel makes me think of the Titanic.

  24. We have stayed at both the Yacht Club and the Beach Club at Disney and they're both outstanding! Epcot is our favorite park and it's so awesome to be in walking distance.

  25. How fun!! You’re literally living my dream. I am currently saving up until we can get a trip to Disney.

  26. Such an elegant and fantastic place to visit and I am sure everyone enjoyed it!

  27. The place looks even cooler and nice during night time, love the fireworks display


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