Sunday, August 20, 2023

Spirit Halloween Is Open

We're lucky. We have a Spirit Halloween not too far from us that opened earlier than most stores. (If you want to see if your local Spirit Halloween is opening soon or has already opened, click here and put in your zip code.)

I absolutely love Spirit Halloween. I am ready for Spooky Season. We've been dealing with 100 degree temps in Texas so I need the cooler weather and I need Halloween. 

Of course one of the coolest things about Spirit Halloween is the animatronics and cool walk throughs. I wish we could afford those. And honestly, even if we could, they'd probably be stolen because we live in San Antonio. 

I always like checking out the t-shirts:

And the Pennywise stuff. Look, clowns terrify me but for some reason I love Pennywise. Maybe because the actor who played him in the latest It movies is hot. Probably. Not that Tim Curry from the TV It isn't attractive--but the other guys know..

I loved their Beetlejuice section. If I had extra money, I'd pick up a few things but at the moment we spent quite the amount on back to school shopping for one kid in college and the other is female in high school, enough said, so we're kinda skint at the moment. We just admired it all and pushed the buttons:

I loved this bowl! The Day-O scene is one of my favorites:

We thought this zombie baby was cute in its own way. I mean, the face reminded me of my own when I go to a restaurant and order Diet Coke and the waiter is like "Is Diet Pepsi okay?"

They had a fabulous Hocus Pocus selection too. I wanted this Billy:

Seriously, Spirit Halloween has it all. The only thing I wished the store had more of is the Barbie collection. They have costumes and items from the movie, but in the section where everything was supposed to be there was a sign saying that everything was on its way. It's basically sold out online. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll find some items down the line.

The Haunted Mansion section was pretty neat as well. I haven't seen the latest movie but I love the ride:

If you need a mask, they have tons:

If you need a trick-or-treat bag, Spirit Halloween has many varieties:

Need a spooky tumbler? You'll find them at Spirit Halloween:

If you have someone obsessed with Halloween, be sure to look at all the items near check out. They'd make perfect stocking stuffers. This knife pen was neat:

The jewelry section was on point too:

We will be back to the store before Halloween is over, that's for sure. Also, for military peeps, they do offer a military discount! Not in the military? Follow Spirit Halloween on social media and they usually share some. 

Have you been to a Spirit Halloween yet? 


  1. Loving your Spirit Halloween excitement! Your post captures the Halloween vibes perfectly. From the cool animatronics to the spooky t-shirts, you've showcased the store's offerings with enthusiasm. Your personal touch and humor make it a fun read. Thanks for sharing your festive and spirited visit!

  2. My youngest daughter would love this store but we don't have them down under around here

  3. I love Spirit Halloween. It is probably one of my favorite stores to shop around during Halloween. They have some of the best stuff.

  4. My boys would love this store. It would give me nightmares.

  5. OMG, this shop sounds awesome. I wish we had something like this near us. It sounds like they have a very varied Halloween selection. We love decorating for Halloween each year.

  6. I haven't been to a Spirit Halloween in so long. I used to love to decorate for Halloween and holidays.

  7. No surprise that you guys love this store! It is a lot of fun to explore. They have so much cool stuff!

  8. I can't believe it's almost Halloween! Can't wait to get in all the fun.

  9. My kids are going to love this for sure! Such a nice place to visit

  10. This looks like a really nice store to visit! Every kids are going to love this for sure

  11. About time! Spirit of Halloween has such neat finds inside!

  12. I am so curious to visit this store. My teens will go crazy over it for sure!

  13. I do enjoy browsing this store.. and am guessing that one has opened up in our area.. will have to check it out soon with my daughter

  14. I am so ready for fall weather and spooky season. I haven’t been to spirit Halloween in a long time. I’ll have to check it out just to see all the fun decor and props.

  15. Looks like an awesome place to visit ! Kids will definitely love this place

  16. They usually put one at the mall too but I've never been inside it. Looks scary. LOL. -LYNNDEE

  17. it sounds llike an amazing place to visit. I'm really not a fan of holoween. I'm more into christmas. But thanks for sharing this with us.


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