Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Move To The College Dorm

First of all, it was hot. As in 100 degrees hot. And there was no elevator and Tommy was on the second floor. There was a lot of sweat happening.

I won't even mention how I was already a bundle of nerves. I worry about Tommy. Yes, he's 21. But he has autism and doesn't always grasp social situations. I don't want people taking advantage of him. 


We got a work out, which I guess is a plus since I eat a lot of junk food. Also, we just had a boy moving in and boys are much easier to move in than girls. I saw all the crap the girls were lugging in and it was like 4 more cartfuls of stuff than Tommy brought. 

Oh man. If Natalie goes to college it's going to be a pain in the ass. She's going to want the carpet and the curtains and the decorative pillows and the crystals.

Here's the stuff Tommy brought:

It easily fit in Tom's truck. Which by the way was running extra loud since someone stole his catalytic converter. He's getting it replaced this week, thank goodness, because riding in a vehicle without a catalytic converter is unpleasant. It reminds me of those cars your drive at Disney World on that Speedway ride. 

We got started helping him set up the room:

The way Tommy's dorm is set up is that he shares with 3 other people. Each have their own room and have a shared living space and kitchenette. Plus there's 2 bathrooms so 2 people share one. At least it's only 2 boys sharing at once. I shudder to think of what the bathroom would look like after 4 boys. 

I brought in plenty of cleaners as well. Will they be used? I don't know. I hope. I brought in hand soap. Will that be used? I don't know. I hope.

Here's the shared living space:

Here's the kitchenette:

And here's Tommy's dorm room. Eventually he'll hang some stuff on the walls:

Will he do laundry? I don't know. Will he keep his room clean? I hope. Will there be a smell when we bring him home for Labor Day weekend? Perhaps. You just never know with boys. 

We took him out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Then I went back with him to make sure everything was okay. We did meet the boy he'll be sharing a bathroom with. He seems nice The other 2 across the room hadn't arrived yet. I hope they are also nice. And not party animals. Tommy doesn't do well with excess noise. But it's college so...

...he at least has a fan to drown out the noise. 

Leaving him was weird. He's been with us for 21 years. I'm used to hearing him. I'm used to talking with him throughout the day. It'll be an adjustment. 

I'm going to miss him. 


  1. His room looks good. We'll be doing this in about 10 days.

  2. HIs dorm looks amazing, and it will be an adjustment as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. What a heartfelt and relatable account of Tommy's move to college! Your storytelling style is engaging and honest. Navigating through the challenges and emotions of this transition is beautifully depicted. Wishing Tommy the best on his new journey and looking forward to more updates. 🎓🏠

  4. The dorm looks good, I would also be anxious and concerned if it was my grandson Sam who is also autistic, it is a big move for all of you

  5. I do like the setup of this dorm. It brings back memories of moving my daughter into the dorms.

  6. That looks like such a nice dorm. His room sure does look nice. Hopefully he'll have a lot of wonderful memories there.

  7. Oh congrats to taking this step! How exciting and nerve-racking, but I have faith in everything working out for Tommy. It'll take some adjustments, but it'll all be worth it. Good luck!!

  8. Moving it was a great step for him. I know that he will do a lot of new things and experiences!

  9. You should be so proud and he is going to do great. I love his shared living space and his living arrangement in general and I a sure he is goin to do well. I like how his room turned out too and he may surprise you with all of the cleaning ;)

  10. Good luck to Tommy (and to you too for making the adjustments you need to as he settles in - which he will for sure!)...

  11. This post makes me want to cry! He looks so happy though so I'm sure it's very bittersweet for you as his mom.

  12. I'm so excited for Tommy! The dorms look nice and the space is cute!

  13. It looks like a really nice place he got. Good luck to him! I’m excited for Tommy

  14. You did good Momma! I understand. My 19yo is just starting community college from home, so I would be a wreck. I am impressed that they have a kitchenette and two bathrooms. Good luck to him and to you. XOXO

  15. That is a very nice dorm! Looks very homey. I've seen some pretty utilitarian dorms that are just cinderblock and tile.

  16. He got a nice space of dorm! Got luck on his college life. Have fun!

  17. I hope he survived his first week in the dorms. My older two fled the nest and it’s super hard. I’m dreading the day my youngest leaves home. I’ll just have to keep fur babies around the east of my life so I’m not lonely. I’m currently single and not dating but who knows.

  18. I can relate to you and the questions of how he would take care of son got his flat and will be moving soon. I'm not yet so ready. :D But I'm sure Tommy will do great.


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