Wednesday, September 27, 2023

San Antonio Finally Has A Bojangles

We went to Bojangles when we were visiting family in North Carolina so I already knew I liked it. The chicken was fresh, the biscuits were fluffy, and the sweet tea was on point. I heard that San Antonio was getting a Bojangles and was thrilled--mind you, we don't get the full menu. We're missing some of the side items (mashed potatoes is one, boo) and we don't get the bone in chicken (fine with me, I usually opt for a sandwich or strips.) 

(Oh and yes, if you're confused, Bojangles is a fast food chicken joint.) 

I waited for the hoopla to die down after Bojangles opened. Many people were excited so the lines were insane, and I am impatient when I am hungry. If a line is over 15 minutes, I'm out. 

Luckily when we stopped in, there were no lines. 

It was nice that they had Veterans parking. My husband was able to park as he is now one. No military discount though. 

Inside is small, so we ate in the back. 

What did we order? The chicken strips! I got mine with the house made ranch and jalapeno ranch. Both sauces were fantastic and tasted fresh. My husband went with the honey mustard and said it was good. My daughter just sticks with ketchup. 

I will admit I was disappointed with the Sweet Tea. It didn't taste as sweet as I remembered. Mind you, it depends on how the person makes it. Texas might not understand that sweet tea needs to be SWEET. It still had a good flavor, but not the intense one I recalled. 

Oh, and there's Pepsi products. I generally prefer Coke, but I do enjoy a Diet Dr. Pepper, which they did have.

The combo meals come with a biscuit, and I asked for honey to go with ours. The biscuits were fluffy as I remembered, plus they're pretty large. I liked the flavor but I admit, Popeyes still wins as my fave biscuit at fast food chicken spots. However, my husband and daughter preferred the ones at Bojangles:

They also had a limited edition Peach Cobbler biscuit which I had to try. Fantastic taste. If you enjoy peach cobbler, try this. The topping didn't taste like it came from a can. Maybe it did, but I appreciate the fresh taste I got:

The winner of the meal? The Bo Berry biscuits. It's biscuits with blueberries and icing on top. These were fresh and amazing. The perfect treat!

Would we return? Yes! Everything we got was fresh. Plus, maybe if we stopped in again the sweet tea would taste better. I could see if the first batch I tried wasn't prepared properly. 

I would get the Bo Berry biscuits again as well. Total win.

Have you ever been to Bojangles? 


  1. This looks good! Now I'm wishing we had one where I live (:

  2. Not a place I have heard of we don't have them around me

  3. I have never been there because they don't have this place around me. I wish they did though. It sounds like a great place to eat.

  4. I do not have this where I am. But this certainly looks good.

  5. Bo Jangles is a nice treat whenever I'm in any of the areas they have one!

  6. Bo Jangles sounds like a good place, I just looked up here, unfortunately dont have them here.

  7. I have never been to Bojangles, but it seems like a great place! The food looks so good 😍.

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  8. I’ve never tried this one but it looks really good! Thanks for sharing this with us

  9. I wish we had Bojangles here!! I love it and try to get it everytime we pass one! YUM!


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