Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Just Some Amazon Finds

I shop on Amazon often. Sometimes too much since I have Prime. 

Here are some things I've recently purchased and my thoughts on if they are worth it.

First up is this SOS Facial Spray from Tower 28. You can also purchase this on the actual Tower 28 site, but I found it on Amazon for the same price, and I got free shipping. This is actually for my daughter, who has acne, and it's supposed to help. She says it seems to help and it wakes her up in the morning because the spray is chilling. We just got the trial size to make sure it worked, and because it does, we'll be getting the full size. Get the trial size here to see how it works for you! 

This is a Facial Ice Roller--ice is supposed to help the skin in the mornings. This also helps my daughter wake up. It came with two rollers which is nice. You just stick them in the freezer and pop them on. You can get it here for under $10.

My husband retired from the Air Force so I wanted to get him a Veteran flag. This one had a nice design and has held up well in the intense heat. Get it for under $15 here

We always need a portable phone charger, especially because our batteries seem to drain faster these days. We have iPhone 12s but you know how Apple is. Anyway, to be safe, I get these and they're incredibly easy. You charge them and then just plug them into the bottom of the phone when your battery is draining. Get it here for only $15.99.

When we're at home, these are always missing or they go bad, so I always have some lightening charging cables on standby. Get this 3 pack for under $10 here.

These are my latest purchases and I imagine there will be more. I tend to get a lot of my holiday shopping down on Amazon, especially when deals pop up.

Do you have packages from Amazon Prime coming weekly too? 


  1. I have been wanting to try a face roller to help with puffiness so I will definitely check that one out.

  2. That flag would be a great gift idea for my son. Does it come in other branches?

  3. I need those cables. Thanks for the heads up. I am going to do some shopping tonight!

  4. I've been looking for a portable charger just like that, their so handy for travel!

  5. I need to get a portable charger. My son has my old iPhone 8 Plus and I have a 12 pro. The batteries seem to drain very fast. I really need to upgrade but the cost is astronomical like everything else lately. I give my son my old phones so I’ll have to upgrade soon though bc the iPhone 8 is almost at its end of life.

  6. These are some great finds; I just purchased the same charging cables off Amazon yesterday.

  7. I have weekely packages as well, and I must say these finds of yours are good.

  8. Thanks for sharing those essential items. Thank you for sharing this information with me.


Thanks for the comment!

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