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Seeing Six the Musical At The Majestic Theater

I've always been intrigued with Tudor history. 

You know, Henry VIII and his six wives? 

It's interesting even BEFORE Henry VIII though. His Dad, Henry VII became king thanks to the Battle of Bosworth. Picture it: there's two houses, the Lancasters and Yorks. Richard III was king and of the House of York. But the Lancasters thought they also had a claim so there was this big battle. 

Henry VII's side won. He became king and married Elizabeth of York so they could unite the houses. They created Henry VIII. 

Were things smooth? Heck no. 

And we all know Henry VIII was most likely crazy. Some say it's because of his injuries jousting. Banging ones head around like that can't be good. Others say it's because he was so desperate for a son that he lost his mind because he was so worried about his line dying out. 


He married SIX times. Catherine of Aragon gave him a son, but he died early on. She gave him other sons but they died right away. She gave him a living daughter, Mary, but Henry was like, girls cannot rule. Catherine got old and could no longer have children. So Henry was like, God frowns upon our marriage because in the Bible it says you can't marry your brother's widow, or something like that.

Yeah, even the Pope laughed and was like, Henry, sir, no, you'll stay married. 

Henry did not like being told no so he split from Rome and called himself Supreme Head of the Church of England so he could grant himself a divorce. He married Anne Boleyn, she gave him another daughter, Elizabeth, who would eventually be Queen. But at the time, Henry was pouting and being like GIVE ME A MALE HEIR and Anne didn't, so he said she was a witch and cheated on him so she was beheaded.

He married Jane Seymour next. SHE gave him a son, Edward, but died 2 weeks later. 

Henry's people were like, dude, kids die early in the 1500s, you might want to crank out another boy, so he married Anne of Cleves, which he said smelled badly and looked like a horse's mare or something like that. They split soon after.

He married another Katherine Howard, who was probably around 16 when Henry was 49 and pretty dang fat. Plus he smelled and was mean. But he gave her jewels and dresses and she grew up rather poor so she was like, "Oh okay, I'll marry you," but then realized, ick, she'd have to actually SLEEP with the man. It's no surprise she cheated on him but naturally was found out and was also beheaded.

Finally, Katherine number 3, Katherine Parr, and she outlived him, but barely. She had Protestant views and was nearly arrested but one of her ladies found the arrest warrant and gave it to her, she flipped out at Henry and promised she'd stop talking about her beliefs and Henry said "they were friends again."


Yeah. When I heard the musical Six was coming to town I knew I had to go. I mean, dang, I even have a historically inaccurate Anne Boleyn dress:

Six is obviously about Henry VIII's six wives.  I've always been Team Boleyn. I think it's because Anne stood her ground and was one of the main reasons why Henry split with Rome. I mean, it was partly his ego too: he didn't want to be bossed around by some Pope. But she opened his mind to other ideas, and refused to sleep with him to boot. 

The other wives are spectacular in their own rights. Katherine of Aragon refused to back down when Henry wanted to divorce her. Jane Seymour popped out his first son. Anne of Cleves was smart and took his offer to be called his sister when he wanted to divorce her and got castles and lots of money. Katherine Howard...well she was young, but she knew how to attract the king and was bold enough to cheat on him. Katherine Parr wrote books and was extremely intelligent. 

Six the Musical is a short one with no intermission. It runs at about an hour and a half and you'll stay riveted as each wife sings. 

Some moments gave me Barbie movie vibes.

All the costumes were gorgeous and I liked how they sparkled. I even brought my opera glasses to get up close views:

We were all impressed with the show.

If the show intrigued you to learn more about these wonderful women, I recommend The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. 

Have you ever seen Six before?


  1. I love history and have been interested in Henry VIII and his six wives

  2. So interesting reading the history of this play! It's being performed in Toronto right now and I would love to see it!

  3. I love how you say that you have a historically inaccurate Anne Boleyn dress. I love this reason for seeing the play.

  4. I love musicals. This sounds like it was an amazing one too. I would have loved to see it myself.

  5. I loved how you explained about about Henry VIII's different wives and kids. It sounds like you guys really enjoyed the show.

  6. We almost saw this in NYC. Wish I had! Sounds like it was a fun night and a great music to see. The description made it sound quite entertaining.

  7. It sounds like a great musical! I would love to watch it! I will look for local listings!

  8. Your recounting of the intricate web of events leading up to Henry VIII's reign, especially the Battle of Bosworth and the dynastic struggles between the Lancasters and Yorks, was not only informative but also incredibly engaging. Your witty narration of Henry VIII's life, marriages, and the complexities of his quest for a male heir left me both amused and informed.

  9. I haven’t but I would love to! It sounds like an amazing and interesting show.

  10. This sounds like such a great production! I wish it was coming to my town so I could see it.

  11. I've never seen Six before. I would like to. I think it's a great show to watch. -LYNNDEE

  12. Everyone's outfits are beautiful and the show looks like it was going to be fantastic, glad you all got to enjoy it!

  13. I haven't seen Barbie but I still know what you mean by Barbie vibes. I'd be happy to see this musical. I enjoy them.

  14. I wasn’t really a fan of this era but I think I would still like to see this play. Everyone is always so talented too.

  15. This is a great musicals! I am always watching this kind of show too! It's amazing and fun experience

  16. it sounds like you had an amazing time. This musical is one that I would to see in the near future thanks for sharing this with us.

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  18. That sounds like a great show to check out and you guys look amazing.


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