Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Bucee's Holiday Christmas Finds

Hooray, it's the holiday season. Most stores have all their decor out. I knew Buc-ee's would have theirs out so I wanted to check it all out. Buc-ee's, in case you don't know, is this giant gas station/store where the mascot is a giant beaver. Named Buc-ee. There are locations around the US now--I think it used to just be Texas, but Buc-ee has branched out. 

Anyhow. We always love to go. The closest one to us is about an hour away so we don't get to visit as often as we'd like.

They had so many holiday items out! 

Starting off strong was this inflatable. It's tempting, but it was $69, so we had to pass:

They had a stuffed Santa Buc-ee at a more reasonable price:

There was this cozy blanket:

I picked up these cards to send out. They were only $6:

There were lots of different ornaments:

These pajama onesie was fun if you needed holiday PJs:

Here's the holiday shirt for this year:

There's also a Thanksgiving shirt:

They have 12 days of Christmas socks for toddlers and in regular sizes:

This was such a nice mug, but I have so many, so I rarely buy them anymore. I just admire them in stores:

If you need a plate and cup for Santa, Bucee's has you covered:

Finally, naturally they have wrapping paper and bags for all the gifts you buy. I picked these up:

We always love going to Bucee's! Have you ever been?


  1. Looks like they have some really fun items. Sadly we don't have them here in Canada!

  2. I really like the cookie and plate set for Santa. And the inflatable looks fun

  3. A lot of cute finds! I have never been to a Bucees before and would have to search if they are even near me.

  4. I love all of those finds! I wish we had this place near us. I have always wanted to go. I know I'll stop if I'm ever in the area with one though.

  5. This store looks so fun. I need to travel so I can stop at this store.

  6. I absolutely love Buc-ee's holiday collection! So festive and fun.

  7. You got me hooked!! Definitely heading to the nearest Bucees!!

  8. These are all so great, I don't even know if I could pick just one. I haven't heard fo Bucees. I wonder if there are any on the east coast hmmm

  9. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I Loved Bucee's! These gifts look great, all of them!

  10. It is all great find, I am really looking forward on upcoming
    Christmas season. ❤️

  11. These are all wonderful finds, and I'm so glad you posted them. I am so excited for Christmas.

  12. these all are great holiday items.. and that onesie looks perfect..

  13. I never heard of Bucee's, it sounds like they have amazing gift ideas for everyone. I'm so excited for Christmas.

  14. I haven’t been to buc-ees during the holidays. I’ll have to go check it out. I live about ten minutes or so from the one in North Fort Worth.

  15. I've never been there but my daughter has and loves Buc-ee's. She has a swimsuit with the logo/mascot on it.


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