Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Holiday Pies Are Back At McDonald's

Look, I don't even try and hide my love for McDonald's. I mean, I own a purse in the shape of a Happy Meal for goodness sakes to go with my McDonald's sweatshirt:

I also have a Loungefly backpack:

I've had people be like, ew, how can you eat McDonald's, it's garbage! And I want to retort that it's better than some of the men they've been with, but I bite my tongue. 

I get it: McDonald's isn't the healthiest, but at least it's that and not vaping, which so many people my age seem to do. 

I'm Amber and I love McDonald's.  (Oh and YES, I know about the McDonald's crocs and I'd love a pair, but they're like $70. A little out of my price range.)

Anyhow, at the end of each year, McDonald's releases Holiday Pies. (The McRib has also returned in select markets, if that's your thing. It's my son's thing, and he's looking forward to getting one. Or two.)

What is a Holiday Pie?

Well. Let me explain.

To me, it tastes like a warmed up shortbread cookie. Inside there's custard. 

It's flavorful. There's always plenty of custard. There are SPRINKLES

Even better, it's an inexpensive dessert. Other places have holiday treats and they can get pricey. But 1 pie is under $2. Sometimes you can save even more on the McDonald's app if you check the deals area. 

Sadly, this will go away after the holidays so if you want to try it, don't hesitate. You won't be sorry and if you are, something must be wrong with your tongue and you should get it checked out. 

So have you ever tried the Holiday Pie from McDonald's? 


  1. I can honesty say I haven't I didn't reallizes that Mcdonalds had those, I must give them a try.

  2. I definitely will give this a try! It looks so yummy

  3. I like the apple and custard pies we can get from Macca's don't have them very often though

  4. Those pies are so good and I love your Happy Meal purse!

  5. Those pies look yummy! I will have to try one next time I get a McDonald's craving.

  6. This is dangerous. My kids love when I stop at McDonald's

  7. I do love McDonalds and will have to make a trip to get some lunch today and this yummy Holiday Pie!

  8. My goodness, those pies look delicious, and your Happy Meal purse is so cute !

  9. We love the apple pies at McDonalds and will definitely look for these holiday pies soon.. and love that purse!

  10. I have never trued it but I'll get this one from McDonalds tomorrow 😍. Love that cute purse ❤️

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  11. Your vivid description of the Holiday Pie has my mouth watering, and I'm definitely grabbing a few on my next McDonald's run.

  12. I work at McDonald’s so I eat it daily unfortunately. We got the holiday pies today and I need to get one. It’s a vanilla custard filling. I also love the McRib too. Crash Bandicoot toys are coming soon too.

  13. It's definitely okay to decorate on Thanksgiving week. I always decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving actually. :) -LYNNDEE


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