Sunday, November 19, 2023

Ulta Beauty Gifts Picked By A Teenager

My teen daughter Natalie is all about makeup and glam and smelling nice so she's all about Ulta Beauty. They always have plenty to choose from. If you have a teenager who is also girly, I have some gift ideas that were picked out from Natalie. 

Ulta always has sales, so make sure you join their mailing list to find out when they are. Also join their rewards because you earn points so you can get items for free. 

With the holidays coming, here are some ideas at Ulta Beauty.

First up is items from Winky Lux. This highlighter in the shape of a rose was beautiful and Natalie loved the color:

Natalie wears fake lashes and likes the smaller ones for the ends. She says these looked like they would work well:

These sugar scrubs are always a hit. Natalie's fave scents are the Moroccan Rose and the lavender:

This silk pillowcase felt so soft and came in a variety of colors and prints. 

Natalie is all about perfumes. One of her fave things to do at Ulta is to sample all the perfumes they have out. She really liked this one from Coach:

One of her favorite perfumes that she already owns is Billie Eilish #1. Do not get #2. It smells like burnt tires. But #1, in the gold case, smells like a cupcake:

Natalie liked the colors in this palette. Morphe palettes normally will go on sale for 40% off:

This wasn't for Natalie, but it made me laugh and I had to take a picture of it. Honestly, I could probably use it after breastfeeding two kids:

Natalie loves these. She has the Amber scent and used the whole thing. There's a vanilla musk scent she tried and added to her Christmas list:

This would make a great stocking stuffer:

They had a sample of this out and Natalie was in love. The diamond bomb made her skin sparkle. Perfect for holiday parties. The small pack was $25. If you want a bigger version of that diamond bomb it's $40, so this is a fabulous deal:

Finally, Natalie was obsessed with the fancy hair dryers and had fun trying them out. They all pack a punch. Natalie currently has a $10 one that I tell her works just fine, thank you:

I hope this post helped! Ulta Beauty always has some wonderful stuff and I like it even more when they are all on sale. Always check the website before you buy because under coupons they will have a $3.50 off $15 order--every bit helps! 

Happy Shopping!


  1. So many nice items that I would like even though I am not a teenage and have not been is a bloody long time

  2. Some great items! Isn't it great when you can cross off some items on your gift list and they're on sale!

  3. Looks like they have a lot of great products. Ulta Beauty is such a great place for beauty products.

  4. My teens would enjoy any of these. There are so many great TreeHut scents to choose from!

  5. I too would select the sugar scrubs. The pineapple one is calling my name.

  6. I’m loving all of these! I need to grab a couple of these products for my teen granddaughter. Great selection

  7. Natalie's choices are spot-on, and I can't wait to snag that Winky Lux rose highlighter—sounds like a glam dream!

  8. Thanks to you and Natalie- these guides are helping me pick out gifts for my 17 yo 🥰- vidya

  9. Thank you for the amazing gift ideas, I can see a few ideas i would love tohave for christmas.

  10. wow! I found here a plenty of awesome gift ideas for my girls. You made me curious about fake lashes. It seems so easy to use!


Thanks for the comment!

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