Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Pennywise Costume From Dolls Kill

So here's the thing, my daughter has always loved Pennywise. Even as a little girl. You'd think she'd be terrified, but no. He always terrified me. I read the book It when I was in fifth grade and am still freaked out by clowns to this day. 

But Natalie?

She enjoyed the made for TV movie starring Tim Curry as It. 

And when the movies came out, we had to see them in theaters. I might have shut my eyes. 

I wasn't surprised when she wanted to be Pennywise for Halloween. Dolls Kill is a site with a bunch of cool clothes and costumes. She liked the Pennywise costume from there the best. Obviously you can find all sorts of variations, but I think she liked the fluffy collar. 

Yes, she still went trick-or-treating with friends. I think it's wonderful when older kids go trick-or-treating. I've given candy to grown adults before because if anyone needs chocolate, it's a tired mother.

We actually forgot the red balloon at first but thankfully I have a ton from past birthdays. 

Oh, Natalie added the blood to the costume. She says it was because she just feasted. 

The costume is well made and not itchy, which is a win. 

It was chilly so she started to get cold, but kept going, because you know, chocolate. She ended up having a fantastic time and got compliments on her makeup. 

Have you ever seen or read It? 


  1. I have not read Dolls Kill but that is a fabulous costume on your daughter!

  2. I love that Pennywise costume! Glad you were able to find a red balloon at the last minute. It wouldn't be complete without it.

  3. Such an amazing costume. She sure does have talent.

  4. What a fabulous costume! I just think this is so clever and perfect. She always does so well with her make up and costume ideas for sure!

  5. Her costume is so cute. I am clueless on who Pennywise is though. But glad she had fun trick or treating.

  6. I never really had any interests in horror films so I've managed to avoid watching or reading It, however I am aware of the character references! Natalie's costume looks great, and I'm glad to hear she had a good time and that the material wasn't itchy- that's a pretty common problem I've had with frills.

  7. Your daughter's fearlessness when it comes to Pennywise is both impressive and amusing. It's funny how kids can enjoy things that utterly terrify us adults. I, too, had my moments of fright with Pennywise, but I'm amazed at how much joy it brings to your daughter.

  8. She looks more cute than scary. :) That being said, she is braver than I because I'm too chicken to have even watched the movie, lol

  9. Your daughter managed to make this a cute look! She looks good, and that is a great costume.

  10. This Pennywise costume is so cool! I love it! Hope you had a fun Halloween

  11. Love the enthusiasm and passion Natalie has for dressing up , and her Pennywise costume is perfect (though I am not a fan of horror movies at all!)

  12. She slayed this costume! I hope you had a fun Halloween!


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