Monday, December 25, 2023

What We Did For Christmas

If you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a fantastic day. If you don't, I still hope you had a fantastic day.

We started off at 9 AM. We don't do the super early mornings. None of us are morning people. 

I got this fantastic Loungefly backpack from my parents. I might have been pretending I was headed to Walt Disney World, hence my top. Sadly, no, but one can pretend:

Santa came:

Everyone was pleased with their gifts:

I got some fabulous things too. I love my pink tool chest:

I am also amused by this candle. I will light it when annoyed:

Happy Gilmore always cracks me up. "The price is wrong, bitch"

My favorite gift is this Lorelai Gilmore Funko. You all know that I love Gilmore Girls.

After we opened gifts, we had cinnamon rolls made from a can, because who has time to make breakfast, and took naps. 

Then we headed to my mom and dad's for dinner!

We had a lovely Christmas. This weekend I'll probably take all the decor down. But for now I'll enjoy it while I still can.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate!


  1. No early mornings here either, ok I get up early every morning but I didn't wake anyone, well the only other person in the house is Tim and he doesn't get up till around 10am. I had a good day though and received a few presents.

  2. Looks like you have a wonderful Christmas you and your family. I’ll have to say we got up pretty early with the grandkids. I’m loving the candle

  3. Sounds like you guys had a lovely holiday. Your tree and gift setup is so nice and festive!

  4. Loved hearing about your relaxed morning (9 AM start is my kind of morning!), and those gifts look amazing – especially the Loungefly backpack and the Lorelai Gilmore Funko!

  5. Heading to your parents' for dinner must have been a lovely way to continue the celebrations. Wishing you and your family continued warmth and joy this holiday season!

  6. I'm so glad that your family had a wonderful christmas, and the gifts too. From My family to your have a merry christmas and have a wonderful New year.

  7. We did everything on Christmas Eve after I got off from work. I picked up wings and pizza. Let my son open all of his gifts. Then I baked cookies. I got myself some new sheets and some security cameras to hang outside.

  8. You and your family looked like you had an amazing Christmas. I hope you have a great new year. I love Gilmore Girls too! Super cute!

  9. Seems you had lovely christmas. Hope u have a great New Year too. I rested for the day though. Not a single work. Just reading and eating and sleeping.

  10. Glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas. That candle is too funny. Here's to a great New Year! -LYNNDEE


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