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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts Under $20

Valentine's Day approaches and everyone knows the typical gifts are chocolates and flowers. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE chocolate and flowers are pretty, but sometimes it's more exciting to go outside of the norm. After all, flowers die. And you can get the chocolate for 50% off a day later. 

So why not go for something different? 

I have a bunch of options and even better, they're all under $20 because life is expensive and you don't need to spend a bunch to show you care. 

So let's begin! 

If your partner loves to read, how about getting them a book? Even better, a classic book. You can find these for under $20 in many antique stores or eBay. Obviously the first editions are going to be over $20, but you can find a fabulous variety for a great deal:

Games are always an exciting gift. Pick up a game and then play that evening. Business Walrus game looks like a ton of fun that will be sure to get people laughing. Find it on Amazon here:

Five Below always has a fantastic choice of presents for under $10. This plant holder was incredibly cute. You can pick it up and stick candy inside. It'll still be a slightly typical gift with a cool twist:

At the dollar spot in Target, you can pick up these keychains for a buck. If you're a part of a couple who wants to give your partner a key to your place, this would be a cute way to do it. Or just get a fake key and say something like, "You have the key to my heart." Cheesy but sweet.

Prefer to stick to food items? Panera Bread has these cute Valentine's cookies. You can buy a half dozen of them. They're delicious--I've eaten many of them. 

If you're in Texas and have a HEB nearby, they are selling these cups that sort of resemble those overpriced Stanley cups. It was only $12. I personally would prefer it without the Texas state on it, only because I'm somewhat bitter about where I live since they've taken so many rights from women. Some of the laws here are just gross. But if you're a Texas fanatic, this would be a nice choice:

Littlest Pet Shop is back! I had no idea until my daughter told me. She used to collect them when she was younger. You can get these blind boxes for like $4. We found ours at Target. However, if you want to really go out, you can buy all of them on Amazon, but obviously it's way above $20. I also found one that came with 3 for only $11 here

This peacock clip is under $10 and is super cute. My daughter got it for Christmas and gets compliments when she wears it. Great colors and works well. It's on Amazon here:

Finally, if you need a cute pair of sunglasses to compliment your Valentine's Day look, pick up these heart ones! My daughter owns these in many colors. Even better, they're under $5! You can get the heart sunglasses in a variety of colors here:

All I want for Valentine's Day is not to cook. I am pretty simple. We'll probably get take out to avoid the crowds. 

Do you have any Valentine's Day plans? 


  1. Food items can work well for Valentine's Day. I do like the sound of the cookies. I am sure both my husband and the kiddies would really enjoy them.

  2. Neither Tim or I bother with Valentine's Day

  3. Love these ideas! Those Panera cookies look yummy! I have one near me so I will have to pick some up for my family!

  4. I do like the Target Dollar Spot. I always find items that I like.

  5. These are super cute, we dont give gifts on V'day. we just spend a good time together.

  6. These are super cute and well thought out choices, that will make a great gift for someone special. But most important is family and the quailty time that you spend together is priceless.

  7. What a refreshing take on Valentine's Day gifts! The suggestion to gift a classic book is not only thoughtful but also adds a touch of nostalgia!

  8. The Business Walrus game looks like a blast – game night is always a winner! And those keychains from Target's dollar spot are not only budget-friendly but also adorable.

  9. The business walrus startled a laugh out of me, I didn't expect to see something like that today! Also, those heart shaped shades are too cute, I love that they're in pastel!

  10. We have some of the other games by the same manufacturer, but I've never tried The Business Walrus. Looks like fun! All of these are cute and fun.

  11. These are all great gift ideas! I especially love the key chain and the cookies!

  12. we love such games too always.. but that peacock clip is so beautiful - my favorite one of the items you pictured here today

  13. That plant holder is adorable indeed. I will have to go to that store and see what else I can find. -LYNNDEE

  14. The keychains are really cute! I love the one that promotes self love. Anyway, thank you for sharing these gift ideas. I plan to give this out to my friends this Valentines Day.


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